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KoroiBot Summer School

"Improving humanoid walking capabilities by human-inspired

mathematical models, optimization and learning"

22 -- 26 September 2014,

at IWR, University of Heidelberg University, Germany

organized within the European FP7 project KoroiBot

*** www.koroibot.eu <http://www.koroibot.eu> ***




Whether as rescuers in disaster areas, household helps or as 
"colleagues" in modern work environments: there are numerous possible 
areas of deployment for humanoid robots in the future. One of the major 
challenges on the way is to enable robots to move on two legs in 
different situations without falling -- even in unknown rough terrain 
and under possible perturbations.

The summer school is designed to give students at MSc and PhD level as 
well as young PostDocs an insight on different approaches used for 
acquisition and analysis of human motion and for the generation of 
human-like motions for humanoid robots.

Topics will include

- Acquisition, Representation and Mapping of Human Motion to Humanoid Motion

- Humanoid motion generation within the task-space formalism

- Dynamic modeling of anthropomorphic systems

- Offline and online optimal control methods for human and humanoid motions

- Inverse optimal control for the analysis of human movement

- Bayesian model comparison for movement primitive selection

- Whole-body torque estimation / whole-body feedback linearization.



Confirmed speakers are

- Tamim Asfour, High Perfomance Humanoid Technologies Lab, Karlsruhe 
Institute of Technology

- Wouter Caarls, Delft Biorobotics Lab, Delft University of Technology

- Dominik Endres, Theoretical Neuroscience group, University of Marburg

- Tamar Flash,Dept. of Applied Math. and Computer Science , Weizmann

Institute of Science

- Christian Kirches, Optimization of Uncertain Systems group, IWR, 
University of Heidelberg

- Florent Lamiraux, Gepetto Research Group, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse

- Katja Mombaur, Optimization in Robotics and Biomechanics Group, IWR, 
University of Heidelberg

- Francesco Nori, RBCS / Cognitive Humanoids Lab, Istituto Italiano di 



The school will include tutorials, computer exercises, a poster session 
and free time slots for individual scientific exchange among the 
participants and speakers.



Those who would like to attend should send an email including their name 
and affiliation, a short CV and a short motivation letter including a 
title for their poster contribution to 
alexander.schubert at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de 
<mailto:alexander.schubert at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> until August 15, 2014.

More information


More information about contents, venue and a preliminary program can be 
found at the KoroiBot webpage www.koroibot.eu <http://www.koroibot.eu> 
-> Summer School

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