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Advanced control and noises reduction for micromanipulation**
Monday, July 7, 2014
AIM 2014

Web: http://sites.femto-st.fr/tutoAIM14/

This tutorial aims to provide courses, lectures and practical exercises 
on advanced control and noises reduction for micromanipulation. The 
realization of microbotic tasks in such application requires the 
achievement of highly severe performances of positioning like very high 
accuracy, low noises, large bandwidth.... Indeed, the more the 
dimensions of the manipulated objects are small, the more the expected 
performances should be severe. The proposed tutorial includes the 
modeling, the control and the signal measurement/estimation in 
microrobots, end-effectors of microrobots, actuated micromanipulators 
and microgrippers utilized in micromanipulation but also in other 
applications. In order to success the tasks, these modeling, control and 
measurement/estimation should consider the nonlinearities, the noises, 
the vibrations, the uncertainties and the disturbances that typify the 
actuators, the working environment and the micro-nano-scales in general. 
Additionally to these characteristics, the lack of convenient sensors at 
these scales put additional challenges to the signals estimation and to 
the controllers design for the systems.
The tutorial provides an introduction to the advanced and recent 
techniques devoted to control the systems for micromanipulation tasks. 
Both theory and practical aspects are proposed. For this aim, the 
tutorial is a full day with the first part devoted to the theory 
(lectures) and the second part devoted to demonstrations and labs.


Yassine Haddab, Micky Rakotondrabe and Philippe Lutz
AS2M/FEMTO-ST, 24 rue Alain Savary, 25000 Besançon
Mail of the contact person: philippe.lutz at femto-st.fr 
<mailto:philippe.lutz at femto-st.fr>

Mokrane Boudaoud, ISIR, UPMC
Yann le Gorrec, FEMTO-ST, ENSMM
Didace Habineza, FEMTO-ST, UFC
Yassine Haddab, FEMTO-ST, ENSMM
Philippe Lutz, FEMTO-ST, UFC
Micky Rakotondrabe, FEMTO-ST, UFC

The presenters of this tutorial will provide self-contained notes on 
recent works concerning the topics they present
*The first part**of the tutorial (morning) is a set of courses/lectures: *
- Robust Control and Gain Scheduling of microsystems (Y. Le Gorrec, M. 
- Interval Modeling and Control Techniques of piezoelectric microsystems 
(P. Lutz).
- Noise Analysis, Modeling and Filtering at the Micro/Nano-Scales (Y. 
- Open loop control of piezoelectric microsystems (M. Rakotondrabe).
- Self sensing measurement techniques and advanced observers in 
piezoelectricmicrosystems (P. Lutz, M. Rakotondrabe).
*The second part**of the tutorial (afternoon) is devoted to labsand 
demonstrations: ***
- Control of a silicon microgripper and noise filtering (M. Boudaoud).
- Open-loop control of a piezoelectric actuator taking into account 
hysteresis, creep and vibrations (D. Habineza).
- Interval control (M. Rakotondrabe)
- Self sensing (P. Lutz)
The tutorial is intented to senior researchers, Ph.D students, Post-Doc 
and engineers working in the micro/nano world in general, especially the 
ones who have needs in micromanipulation applications.

Philippe Lutz
Professeur des Universites, Universite de Franche-Comte (http://www.univ-fcomte.fr)
Directeur de l'Ecole Doctorale SPIM
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