[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] CfP: IROS 2014 Workshop on Rehabilitation & Assistive Robotics

brenna d. argall brenna.argall at northwestern.edu
Mon Jun 16 06:42:07 PDT 2014

IROS 2014 Workshop on Rehabilitation & Assistive Robotics: Bridging the 
Gap Between Clinicians and Roboticists


Within the field of rehabilitation, most robotics work to date involves 
the use of therapy machines that physically assist a patient in 
performing rehabilitation exercises. There is limited incorporation of 
autonomy, which offers a huge opportunity for advances in robotics to 
make an impact within the field. One of the goals of this workshop is to 
explicitly identify areas of low hanging fruit---for which the robotics 
technology is in place, but its widespread application to the field of 
rehabilitation is not.

This workshop aims to bring together clinicians and roboticists to 
identify the key challenges in rehabilitation and assistive robotics, 
collaborations for funding opportunities, and benchmarks and challenge 
problems for the field. We are particularly excited to leverage the 
close proximity of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), the 
top rehabilitation hospital in the U.S., to the conference venue and 
will be organizing an entire session at the RIC, with tours of labs and 
clinical floors.

We invite participants to contribute extended abstracts (2-pages) or 
full papers (6-pages) on a broad range of topics ranging from 
established rehabilitation or assistive robotics projects, to areas of 
robotics research with application potential within the field of human 
assistance or rehabilitation.

All submissions should follow IEEE format and be submitted via email to 
14rar at eecs.northwestern.edu by July 1st.


Brenna Argall, Northwestern University

Siddhartha Srinivasa, Carnegie Mellon University

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