[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Software Engineering Positions at hiDOF

Vijay Pradeep vijay at hidof.com
Tue Jun 17 12:56:22 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about a software engineering job opening at
hiDOF’s San Francisco Bay Area office.  If you have any questions, feel
free to email us at jobs at hidof.com.

About hiDOF

hiDOF was founded by former Willow Garage engineers and seeks to solve
challenging problems in robotics, 3D computer vision, sensor processing,
motion control, and motion planning spaces. We’ve worked on everything from
giant industrial robots, to autonomous vehicles, to 3D SLAM on mobile
platforms, to medical image processing, to visualizing and processing large
3D point clouds.  Google’s Project Tango
and SSS Manufacturing <http://hidof.com/projects/sss-manufacturing/> are
great examples of this.

We focus on technology transfer applications, leveraging our academic ties
and strong software engineering fundamentals. We are roboticists that
possess the programming chops, tools, and infrastructure to take
technologies explored in research applications to hardened, deployed

Job Description

At hiDOF, we’re looking to add talented individuals to our team. If you’re
looking to join a small team of passionate engineers, looking for a fun,
engaging, and technically challenging environment, hiDOF is the place for
you. On our side, we look for applicants who:

- Have a MS or PhD in a robotics related field. (A BS with relevant work
experience is also acceptable)

- Are solid software engineers and experienced C++ programmers

- Are comfortable working in a Linux environment

- Experience with the ROS toolchain

- Possess solid communication skills, are comfortable joining in on a
passionate technical discussion, love working in teams, and are fun to be

- Have expertise in any of the following areas:

- 3D Vision and VSLAM

- 2D Image Processing

- Real Time control

- Planar Robot Path Planning

- Robot Arm Motion Planning

- Nonlinear Optimization

- Machine Learning

- Mobile Device Development

Application Materials:

- Cover letter

- Resume/CV

- Downloadable code sample(s)

- Two references and/or two letters of recommendation

- A recent publication or statement of past experiences

Send your Application Materials and links to any projects you’d like us to
take a look at to jobs at hidof.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Vijay Pradeep
Founder, hiDOF Inc.

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