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Brahim TAMADAZTE brahim.tamadazte at femto-st.fr
Mon Mar 3 09:40:59 PST 2014

Dear Robotics Worldwide,

We are looking for post-doc candidates to join the FEMTO-ST 
Institute/AS2M Departement (Besançon, 
Please find the job discription below:

*Postdoc Fellowship*

*High speed visual servoing for laser scanning in phonomicrosurgery*

*The FEMTO-ST Institute*proposes a 1-year postdoc fellowship in the 
framework of the µRALP project (2012-2015, EU FP7 ICT – Challenge 2 
“Cognitive systems and robotics”), which addresses “Microtechnologies 
and systems for robot-assisted laser phonomicrosurgery”. This is a 
multidisciplinary project, involving ENT surgeons and scientists in 
microrobotics, vision, optics, mechatronics, and cognition. This project 
proposes to design of a novel endoscopic system for laser 
phonomicrosurgery. Its main goal is to create new assistive technologies 
and robotic tools to provide safety, efficiency, and improved quality to 
these surgical procedures. The central idea is to augment the surgeon's 
dexterity, manipulation skills and efficiency through advanced 
surgeon-robot interfaces, sensors, actuators and supervisory safety.

The research associated to the proposed postdoc fellowship is focused on 
the control part of the µRALP project. To steer the surgical laser on 
the vocal fold with accuracy and without burning the tissues, high-speed 
visual feedback is needed. The work to be performed includes

- Efficient implementation of our recent algorithms based on epipolar 
and trifocal geometry onto a hardware architecture comprising a 
high-speed camera;

- Derivation of novel algorithm(s) able to steer the laser on the path 
defined by the surgeon in the image(s) and to adapt to tissue deformation;

- Interfacing with the other components of the system (micromanipulator, 
HMI, tissue deformation tracking).

The fellow will also be associated to the supervision of trainees.

The candidate will integrate the Biomedical Micro-/Nano-Robotics 
(MiNaRoB) group in the AS2M Department of FEMTO-ST Institute. This 
institute is the largest French research lab in Engineering, with its 
650 members including Ph.D. students, researchers, professors, and 
administrative staff. It is located in the historical city Besançon (2 
hours from Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and less than 3 hours from Karlsruhe, 
Zürich, and Lausanne by train) with low life cost. In addition, the 
French healthcare service is one of the best in the world, offering a 
wide choice of general practitioners and healthcare specialists. Last 
but not least, local ski resorts can be found within an hour drive and 
the Alps are 3 hours away by car.

*Required expertise:*

The candidates are expected to have experience in two or more of the 
following areas: visual servoing, visual tracking, high speed imaging, 
multiple view geometry, real-time implementation, code optimization.

They should be at ease with C++ programming. Good English proficiency is 
needed, basic French is useful.

*Important dates:*

*Application procedure opens: March 4th, 2013 *

*Application due date: March 25th, 2014*

*Decision date: March 31st, 2014 *

*Expected start of the fellowship: April 15th, 2014*


*Application package:*

Interested candidates should submit the following by email in a *single* 
PDF file to nicolas.andreff at femto-st.fr, brahim.tamadazte at femto-st.fr.

1. Curriculum vitae with a list of at least 3 references

2. At least three papers which could be either published, accepted for 
publication, or in-preparation which demonstrate some of the required 
expertise mentioned above.

3. Relevant courses taken during Ph.D studies

4. Expected date of graduation (for those who are currently pursuing a 

5. Doctoral dissertation topic

6. A one-page summary of research background and interests and how it 
aligns with the proposed position.


*Nicolas Andreff*, Full professor at Université de Franche Comté

nicolas.andreff at femto-st.fr <mailto:nicolas.andreff at femto-st.fr>

Tel : +33 - 3 81 40 29 61

*Brahim Tamadazte*, CNRS researcher

brahim.tamadazte at femto-st.fr <mailto:brahim.tamadazte at femto-st.fr>

Tel : +33 - 3 81 40 29 25

FEMTO-ST Insitute / AS2M Department

24 rue Alain Savary

25000 BESANCON, France


/1- N. Andreff, B. Tamadazte, S. Dembélé, and S.Z. Hussnain. Preliminary 
variation on multiview geometry for vision-guided laser surgery. In RSS 
Workshop on multi view geometry in robotics (MVIGRO), Berlin, Germany, 
June 2013. /

/2- R. Dahmouche, N. Andreff, Y. Mezouar, O. Ait-Aider, and P. Martinet. 
Dynamic visual servoing from sequential regions of interest acquisition. 
International Journal of Robotics Research, 31(4):520-537, April 2012. /

/3- B. Tamadazte, N. Le-Fort Piat and Eric Marchand, A Direct Visual 
Servoing Scheme for Automatic Nanopositioning, IEEE-ASME Transaction on 
Mechatronics, DOI : 10.1109/TMECH.2011.2128878 (2012)./

/4- A. Ranftl, L. Cuvillon, J. Gangloff, and J.V. Sloten. High Speed 
Visual Servoing with Ultrasonic Motors. 2007 IEEE International 
Conference on Robotics and Automation, pp. 4472-4477, 2007./

/5- R. Hartley, and A. Zissermann, Multiple View Geometry in Computer 
Vision, Cambridge University Press, March 2004./

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