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Michael Peshkin peshkin at northwestern.edu
Mon Mar 10 10:22:32 PDT 2014

This position relates to minimally invasive surgery, which is done via a
robot, via teleoperation, or with laparoscopic tools.

The Briteseed Engineering Team is seeking masters-level engineers  in
signal processing to join our effort to advance the development of
 real-time optical detection systems. Our team is designing the first
 integrated blood vessel detection system into minimally invasive cutting
 devices. We are seeking a signal processing engineer that will work  on
developing and implementing novel methods for real-time signal  acquisition
and analysis, signal extraction, correlation analysis, and  artifact
reduction (e.g, motion, noise etc). This person will also be  responsible
for system engineering tasks, including LED sequencing  and real-time
sequential analysis. Image processing and image analysis  will also be

Skills & Expertise

* B.S in Electrical Engineering with 3+ years of work experience or M.S in
Electrical Engineering with 1+ years of experience.
* Programming skills in C/Matlab or C++.
* Excellence in data collection and analysis using Matlab.
* Experience with real time signal processing and image processing.
* Experience in signal processing techniques such as noise/artifact
removal, correlation analysis, etc.
* Realtime DSP programming, in particular interrupts management.
* The ability to work with an oscilloscope to configure and test I2C, SPI,
* Experience with source control; familiarity with mercurial is a plus.
* Rudimentary knowledge of SolidWorks (preferred, but not necessary)
* Organization and patience are valued traits.
* Some Linux experience is preferred.

Briteseed is a forward-thinking company committed to detecting critical
tissue types during minimally invasive surgery. Our team is currently
developing SafeSnips, a real-time  blood vessel detection technology that
integrates biosensors into minimally invasive surgical tools, including
laparoscopic and robotic cutting devices.  In the near future, a surgeon
using Briteseed-enabled tools will be alerted in real time  when blood
vessels and other tissue types are being approached. This will help
surgeons strategically cut or avoid tissues.

Company Point of Contact - Jonathan Gunn, JD, PhD, CTO and Co-founder,
j.w.gunn at briteseed.com, 206.384.0311
4660 N. Ravenswood Ave. | Chicago, IL 60640 | 312.624.8787 | briteseed.com

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