[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] ALIFE 2014 Workshop: Exploiting synergies between biology and artificial life technologies: tools, possibilities, and examples (Call for papers)

Kasper Støy ksty at itu.dk
Tue Mar 25 02:25:55 PDT 2014

Call for papers: 

ALIFE 2014 Workshop: Exploiting synergies between biology and artificial life technologies: tools, possibilities, and examples
New York, NY, USA - July 30th 2014


Artificial life research is typically performed isolated in the context of one of the three main strands of artificial life: soft, hard, or wet. While this division is both practically and historically rooted, we feel it will be fruitful for the artificial life community to consider potential overlaps and synergies between these strands and, further, to also consider overlaps and synergies with biological life. We hope that considering these overlaps and synergies may be a source for new science and applications of artificial life research.

The goal of this workshop is to look at how these artificial and biological life forms can complement each other and potentially form synergistic relationships. At this early stage we are interested in looking at which  tools can form the practical basis for exploring synergies and examples of specific interactions among at least two of the four life forms. Given that this is a workshop, we are also highly interested in discussing possibilities that are purely speculative. The organizers are particularly interested in discussing overlaps between robotics, artificial life chemistry, and microbials systems, but other topics falling under the workshop theme are also welcome.


Kasper Stoy, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Martin Hanczyc, University of Trento, Italy
Ioannis Ieropoulous, University of West of England, U.K.
Michal Wagner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Important Deadlines

Paper submission deadline: May, 18, 2014.
Author notification: June, 8, 2014.
Registration: June 13 (for early rates), see Alife 14 conference registration.
Workshop date: July 30, 2014, from 1pm-7pm

Submission Instructions

The workshop accepts the same submission types and formatting as the main ALIFE conference: you can either submit a two-page extended abstract or an eight-page full paper. Formatting instructions can be found at http://blogs.cornell.edu/alife14nyc/papers/. Please e-mail your contribution to ksty at itu.dk by the deadline stated above. The proceedings will be made available online on the workshop website.

Updated information

Please refer to the workshop’s webpage for updates http://evobliss.eu/index.php?page=workshop-overview

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