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Neural Processing Letters Special Issue on Neural Networks for Vision and



Aims and scope


Over the last decades there has been an increasing interest in using neural
networks and other computational intelligence paradigms, combined with
computer vision techniques, to create autonomous systems that solve vision
problems in different fields. This special issue is designed to provide
researchers and developers with a forum to publish original, innovative and
state-of-the art neural networks algorithms and architectures for real time
applications in the areas of computer vision, image processing, robotics,
biometrics, virtual and augmented reality, intelligent interfaces and
biomimetic object-vision recognition.

This special issue provides a platform for academics, developers, and
industry-related researchers belonging to the vast communities of *Neural
Networks*, *Computational Intelligence*, *Machine Learning*, *Biometrics*,
*Vision systems*, and *Robotics *, to share experience and explore
traditional and new areas of the computer vision and computational
intelligence combined to solve a range of problems. The objective of the
special issue is to integrate the growing international community of
researchers working on the application of Computational Intelligence
techniques in Vision and Robotics in fruitful discussion on the evolution
and benefits of this technology to the society.




The Special Issue topics can be identified by, but are not limited to, the
following subjects: 

Robotics vision

                Artificial Vision 

                Video tracking 

3D Scene reconstruction

                3D Tracking in Virtual Reality Environments 

                Volume visualization

                Computational Intelligence

                Intelligent Interfaces (User-friendly Man Machine Interface)

                Self-adaptation and self-organisational systems

                Multi-camera and RGB-D camera systems 

Robust computer vision algorithms (operation under variable conditions,
object tracking, behaviour analysis and learning, scene segmentation) 

                Gesture and posture analysis and recognition 

                Biometric Identification and Recognition 

                Extraction of Biometric Features (fingerprint, iris, face,
voice, palm, gait)

                Surveillance systems

                Hardware implementation and algorithms acceleration (GPUs,





Submission must include the title, abstract of your paper, and the
corresponding author's name and affiliation. Concerning the preparation of
the manuscript, please refer to the "Instructions for Authors" page at the
journal website,  <http://www.springer.com/computer/ai/journal/11063>
http://www.springer.com/computer/ai/journal/11063. All papers will be
rigorously reviewed by at least three reviewers based on the quality:
originality, high scientific quality, well organized and clearly written,
sufficient support for assertions and conclusion.

Use the online Editorial Manager System
http://www.editorialmanager.com/nepl/ to submit your papers indicating the
special issue.



Papers submission: September 15, 2014

First round of review: November 15, 2014

Submission of revised version: December 15, 2014

Acceptance of papers: January 31, 2015

Final manuscript due date: February 15, 2015


Guest Editors: 


Jose Garcia-Rodriguez 

University of Alicante (Spain) 

Email:  <mailto:jgarcia at dtic.ua.es> jgarcia at dtic.ua.es 


Alexandra Psarrou 

University of Westminster (UK) 

Email:  <mailto:psarroa at wmin.ac.uk> psarroa at wmin.ac.uk 


Andrew Lewis 

Griffith University (Australia) 

Email:  <mailto:a.lewis at griffith.edu.au> a.lewis at griffith.edu.au 


Anastassia Angelopoulou 

University of Westminster (UK) 

Email:  <mailto:agelopa at wmin.ac.uk> agelopa at wmin.ac.uk 


Miguel Cazorla  

University of Alicante (Spain) 

Email:  <mailto:miguel.cazorla at ua.es> miguel.cazorla at ua.es




Email:  <mailto:jgarcia at dtic.ua.es> jgarcia at dtic.ua.es 


Website:  <http://www.dtic.ua.es/~jgarcia/> http://www.dtic.ua.es/~jgarcia/


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