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Kevin Albert info at pneubotics.com
Tue May 13 22:40:36 PDT 2014

Robotics Positions (Otherlab/Pneubotics)

Otherlab's robotics group is looking for talented engineers to develop the
world's first commercially available soft robots. At Otherlab, we believe
that by combining inexpensive materials with sophisticated computation, we
can replace the mechanical complexity that currently makes robots heavy and
expensive. We have invented a new approach to robotics that uses
alternative materials to produce all-fluidic, membrane-based compliant
mechanisms. Pneubotics is an Otherlab company dedicated to turning these
ideas into products and bringing those products to market. As we grow our
small, tight-knit team we are looking to hire engineers that have an
appetite for solving hard problems. If making robots that don't look or
feel like robots gets you up in the morning, we would like to hear from you.

Pneubotics/Otherlab is located in an historic pipe organ factory in the
heart of San Francisco's Mission district. The Otherlab family is a
talented and creative group of scientists and inventors working in the
robotics, renewable energy, digital manufacturing, transportation, and
educational markets. We offer competitive benefits and the chance to help
guide the direction of a new company.

Soft Robotics Controls Engineer

Are you fascinated with the efficiency and elegance with which biological
creatures manipulate the world? Do you prefer nonlinear problems because
they are more challenging? We are looking for people with a strong
background in sensing/state estimation, advanced control systems, or
planning/computer vision to solve these types of problems.

Required Qualifications:

 - MS or PhD in relevant field.
 - Hands-on experience controlling and debugging hardware with many degrees
of freedom.
 - Expertise in the modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems in a
way that accurately captures physical phenomena.
 - Ability to speak physics fluently and effectively.
 - You must enjoy working in teams but can complete complex tasks that
require critical thinking without supervision.

Preferred Qualifications:

 - Deep understanding of multi-variable and nonlinear control principles.
 - Comfortable working with fluidic, thermodynamic, or compliant systems.
 - Proficiency with programming tools such as Python/numpy, C++.
 - Applied experience with sensor fusion and state estimation algorithms.

Key Activities:

 - Modeling and simulation of things that don't fit in the category of
small deformations.
 - Design of compliant manipulation and grasping algorithms.
 - Coordination of experiments and guidance of debugging efforts.
 - Development and specification of new sensing architectures.

Soft Robotics Design Engineer

We need people who have a strong background in the design of mechanical
structures or pneumatic power systems and are interested in challenging the
way machines are made.

Required Qualifications:

 - BS in mechanical engineering or similar field with 3+ years experience.
 - Proficiency with mechanical modeling and design tools (CAD, MatLab or
 - Experience designing systems with large multi-axial or dynamic loadings.
 - Ability to perform system level analyses.
 - Comfortable minimizing mass in the design of lightweight structures.
 - The work relies heavily on non-standard engineering methods, a strong
desire to tread into the unknown is required.
 - You must enjoy working in teams but can complete complex tasks that
require critical thinking without supervision.

Preferred Qualifications:

 - MS or above in relevant field.
 - Exposure to engines, compressors, turbines, hydraulics, pneumatics, and
valved systems.
 - Experience with polymer-based materials and mass manufacturing
techniques (extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, high strength
 - Proficiency with advance modeling tools (FEA, CFD, Python/Numpy).
 - Ability to speak physics fluently and effectively.

Key Activities:

 - To conceptualize and design the next generation of robotic manipulators.

Passion for: bikes, coffee, beer, chess, metal, pipe organs, climbing,
sailing, and cooking are all a plus.

Interested? Email us at info at pneubotics.com.

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