[robotics-worldwide] [Meetings] Call for FLASH TALKs to the ICRA 2014: DL May 31: Epistemological issues in robotics research and research result evaluation, Hong Kong, China - June 5, 2014 (PM)

Fabio Bonsignorio fabio.bonsignorio at gmail.com
Thu May 15 04:09:11 PDT 2014

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Dear All,

this is an invitation to submit a Flash Talk  to the ICRA  2014 Workshop on
Epistemological issues in robotics research and research result
evaluation which will be held in Hong Kong, China on June 5, 2014 (PM)

A 'Flash Talk' is a concise 5 minutes 'TED like' position statement,
hopefully inspiring and or provoking.

We aim to an inspiring and lively session (possibly chaotic :-) )

DL is May 31st, but earlier submissions are very welcome.

This workshop addresses a number of epistemological issues in
robotics, related to performance measurement, methods for the
objective comparison of different algorithms and systems, the
possibility itself to replicate published results.

How research should be performed (and reported) in order to allow
result replications?

While the practical utility of challenges and competitions is widely
recognized, which is their epistemological status? How should they be
designed in order to maximize their contribution to robotics research
(and the industrial exploitation of results?)?

To which extent and for measuring which functionalities and
capabilities are benchmarks useful and possible?

Which balance of result replication, benchmarking, challenges and
competitions would allow a more objective evaluation of results and
consequent objective assessment of the state of the art in the various
subfields of our domain of investigation?

The workshop will provide a forum for a semi-structured discussion of these
issues and will show a number of examples of replicable experiment in
Robotics Research.

Up to date info will be posted here:

There will be post-proceedings.

Stay tuned the final program will be published soon.

We look forward your active participation

All the best
Fabio, Angel, Elena and John

Submission info:

DL: ASAP and no later than May 31st

Format: a 100-300 words abstract in free format

List of topics:

- Epistemological issues
- Experiments in Robotics
- Examples of Good Practice
- Evaluation of Experimental Robotics Work
- Proposals for Promotion of Good Experimental Work
- Performance modeling of the relationship between a task and the
environment where it is performed
- Relationship between benchmarking and replication of experiments with
- Reporting experiments in Robotics
- Comparison of experimental methodology in neurosciences,
neurophysiology and in Robotics
- Comparison of experimental methodology in
neurosciences/neurophysiology and in AI
- Comparison of experimental methodology in Biology and in Robotics
- Comparison of experimental methodology in Biology and in AI
- Experimental scenarios to evaluate performance, demonstrate
generality, and measure - robustness in robots and animals
- Well grounded experimental methods to compare artificial and natural
cognitive systems; - - Benchmarking in Robotics/AI/Cognition
- Robotics/AI/Cognition competitions
- Design of Robotics/AI/Cognition competitions
- Robotics/AI/Cognition Challenges
- Design of Robotics/AI/Cognition Challenges
- How to integrate Experimental Methods, Benchmarking, Challenges and
Competitions for a better evaluation of results



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