[robotics-worldwide] [News] Ongoing Marine Robotics open ocean field experiment

Kanna Rajan kannarajan.mbari at gmail.com
Mon May 19 08:38:54 PDT 2014

Those of you interested in Marine Robotics and field experimentation, might want to check out an ongoing experiment (till May 23rd and perhaps to be extended) at 


to track tagged Mola-mola (Ocean Sunfish) off the coast of Algarve. This inter-disciplinaly experiment involves autonomous aerial, surface and underwater vehicles attempting to coordinate, track and follow Mola’s when they appear on the surface and broadcast their tagged positions. The scientific intent is to obtain a 3D view of the contextual environment of the Mola’s as they bask and move on the surface, to understand ecological transport and biology and to further the combination of AI, Robotics and low-level Control for control of diverse robotic vehicles for the ocean sciences.

Joao Tasso, FEUP/Univ. of Porto
Javier Gilabert, UPCT, Cartagena, Spain
Tor Arne Johansen, NTNU, Norway
Kanna Rajan, MBARI, US

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