[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] ICRA W on Persistent Autonomy for Marine Robotics: call for participation

Francesco Maurelli f.maurelli at ieee.org
Thu May 29 21:55:42 PDT 2014

Dear all,
ICRA is almost starting and we'd like to cordially invite you to the
Workshop on Persistent Autonomy for Marine Robotics.

Thursday 5th of June, 09:00 - 17:00
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Room S428

- Opening - David Lane
- Invited Speaker - José Pinto, Networked vehicle systems for persistent
operations in marine unstructured environments
- Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos, Motion Control for Persistently Autonomous
Underwater Robotic Vehicles
- Sangrok Jin, Jihoon Kim, Jongwon Kim, TaeWon Seo , Hovering underwater
robotic platform with four tilting thrusters

10:30 – Coffe break

- Invited Speaker – Ralf Bachmayer , Persistence issues of unmanned
surface and underwater vehicles for harsh-envirionments
- A. Carrera, G.C. Karras, C.P. Bechlioulis, N. Palomeras, N. Hurtos,
K.J. Kyriakopoulos, P. Kormushev, M. Carreras , Improving a Learning by
Demonstration framework for Intervention AUVs by means of an UVMS
- Francesco Maurelli, Zeyn Saigol, David M. Lane, Cognitive knowledge
representation under uncertainty for autonomous underwater vehicles

12:30 – Lunch

- Invited Speaker – Gaurav Sukhatme: Persistent Autonomy: A Data-driven
- Zheng Zeng, Andrew Lammas, Karl Sammut, Fangpo He, Youhong Tang ,
Long-Range Path Planning for AUVs Exploiting Ocean Energy with
Forecasted Currents
- Petr Švec, B. C. Shah , I. R. Bertaska, W. Klinger, A. J. Sinisterra,
K. von Ellenrieder , M. Dhanak, S. K. Gupta , Adaptive Sampling Based
COLREGs-Compliant Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Surface Vehicles

15:30 – Coffe  break

	Panel discussion: research trends and future in marine robotics

16:50 – Closing

17:00 – End

best regards,
Francesco Maurelli

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