[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] BMVA meeting on Vision for Robotics, 3rd December 2014

Marco Paladini paladini.marco at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 07:45:42 PST 2014

Reminder on the upcoming Vision for Robotics technical meeting.

*Vision for Robotics*

One Day BMVA symposium in London, UK on Wednesday 3^rd Dec, 2014

Chairs: Marco Paladini and John Illingworth

Keynote speakers:

Andrew Davison, Bruno Siciliano and Paul Newman

www.bmva.org/meetings <http://www.bmva.org/meetings>


9.30 Registration + Coffee

10.00 *Keynote: **SLAM and Scene Understanding for Domestic Robots, 
*Andrew Davison, Imperial College, London

10.45 *Parts, Uncertainty and Action in Visually Guided Robot 
Manipulation, *Jeremy Wyatt, University of Birmingham.

11.10 *Vision-based perception for UAV navigation*, Margarita Chli, 
University of Edinburgh

11.35 *Clothes Perception and Manipulation,* J. Paul Siebert, University 
of Glasgow

12.00 Lunch

12.50 *Keynote: Vision for Robotic Manipulation,* Bruno Siciliano , 
University of Naples Federico II

13.35 *Realtime Robot Correction for High Accuracy Operations,* Diego F. 
Boesel, Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM)

14.00 *Many-core Landscape) and SLAMBench-14, *Zia, Zeeshan, Imperial 
College, London

14.25 *Software for 3D Machine Vision, *Johannes Hiltner, MVTec

14.50 Coffee Break

15.20 *Keynote:* Paul Newman, University of Oxford

16.05 *Collaborative Navigation and Mapping From Low-cost Exploratory 
Robots,* Pedro Cavestany, Cranfield University

16.30 *Towards Human-Robot gesture transfer using Point-based 
Medialness,* Daniel Berio, Goldsmiths University, London

17.00 End of Meeting

registration page:

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