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Call for participation
HUMANOIDS 2014 Workshop on Novel Trends in Multimodal Robotic Skins
Madrid, November 18, 2014 (Afternoon Workshop)
website: http://mysite.hs-coburg.de/~kuko140m/mros2014.htm

Changing application field of today’s robots towards overlapping workspaces
and direct physical contact in public, industrial or home environments
require appropriate sensing modalities in order to facilitate safe and
smooth interaction between humans and robots. Artificial skins of sensor
arrays as a biomimetic means for equipping such robots with appropriate
perception capabilities have been an active field of research for many
years. Initially, focusing mainly on the haptic/tactile modality, related
works cover aspects of sensor technology, sensor fusion, kinematic
redundancy, trajectory and path planning, perception and cognition as well
as wearable haptics providing sensor devices for human interactors. Novel
developments and interdisciplinary approaches during the last years, e.g.
in bionic sensory devices, organic nanoelectronics, nanomaterials, etc.,
however, provide new impulses for research going beyond established fields
and moving towards e.g. soft robotics, multi-modality or continuum
approaches. This workshop gathers contributions targeting various aspects of
robotic sensor skins in order to provide a structured overview on current
works, stimulate discussions as well as fostering and establishing

The workshop consists of several invited presentations from experts in the
field as well as selected contributed short presentations. Slides will be
made available on the workshop website.

Martin Kaltenbrunner, Univ. Linz
Giorgio Metta, IIT, Genova
Stefan Sosnowski, TU Munich
Gordon Cheng, TU Munich
Philipp Mittendorfer, TU Munich
Alexander Schmitz, Waseda Univ.
Aaron Powers Gerratt, EPFL

- Flexible electronics
- Electronic skins
- Tactile sensors
- Printed sensors
- Multimodal sensing
- Haptic/Tactile and Visual Sensing
- Robot Control
- Perception and Cognition with Sensor Skins
- System Integration
- Interaction Control
- Social Interaction

The detailed schedule will be announced shortly.

Kolja Kühnlenz, Coburg Univ.
Barbara Kühnlenz, Coburg Univ.
Ravinder Dahiya, Univ. Glasgow
Gordon Cheng, TU Munich


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