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**                      Ph.D. & Postdoc Positions                     **
**                                                                    **
**              Perception in Low Visibility Environments             **
**                     Rich 3D and Semantic Mapping                   **
**                       Mobile Robot Olfaction                       **
**      Human Robot Interaction for Intra-Logistic Applications       **
**                                                                    **
** AASS Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab, Örebro University - Sweden **

Several fully funded Ph.D. (4 years) and postdoc positions (2+2 years) are
available starting in January 2015 at the AASS Mobile Robotics and Olfaction
Lab, University of Örebro, Sweden (Contact: Achim J. Lilienthal).

**Research Topics**

The open positions relate to the following cutting edge research topics.

Research Topic "Perception in Low Visibility Environments"
Robots are often especially useful in environments with restricted visibility.
However, traditional sensors such as LIDAR and cameras are affected by smoke,
dust or fog. Research in this topic is thus driven by application needs of
robots that operate in low-visibility domains. The specific focus is on robots
supporting fire brigades in post-disaster management operations.
The selected candidate will contribute to an expected step change for the
robotics community through work on perception and situational awareness in low
visibility conditions. Top-notch research work will be facilitated through the
development of a novel sensor unit for low-visibility conditions by our partners
in a new European project. The candidate is expected to address research
questions related to thermal stereo vision, sensor fusion, SLAM in dynamic
low-visibility environments and SLAM with heterogeneous prior information.

Research Topic "Rich 3D and Semantic Mapping"
Maps that represent more than just occupancy are increasingly important for
self-optimizing operations in long-term applications. Additional dimensions in a
map can range from directly sensed modalities such as colour, reflectivity or
temperature to semantic information, affordances, patterns of motion or social
This research topic is concerned with algorithms to create a consistent world
model from 3D data augmented with additional information. Particular interest is
on long term-mapping in dynamic environments, mapping of spatially grounded
dynamic properties, hazard mapping and prediction and 3D semantic maps.

Research Topic "Mobile Robot Olfaction"
Research work in this topic will be concerned with different aspects of gas
sensing with mobile robots in unconstrained environments. The work also relates
to networks of stationary gas sensors. Due to their potential in climate
research the interest in gas-sensitive robots increased significantly over the
last years, see for example:
Embedded into new projects at the AASS MRO lab, the selected candidate will get
the chance to break new ground in mobile robot olfaction. Through collaboration
with the University of Warwick we will be able to work with high-bandwidth gas
sensors (gas sensors that are for the first time manufactured for the specific
needs of robots) on the related problems of gas detection and identification,
wind and gas distribution mapping, gas source localization and sensor planning.
The work on sensor planning will be additionally facilitated through a
collaboration with Duke University.

Research Topic "Human Robot Interaction for Intra-Logistic Applications"
Interaction between robots and humans in industrial environments is of crucial
importance and an enabling factor for many applications, especially in the
intra-logistics sector. In industrial environments autonomous vehicles interact
with trained human operators and share space with workers.
In this research topic the selected candidate will address the different ways in
which humans interact with autonomous mobile robots in an industrial
environment. Control and teaching of vehicles in semi-autonomous mode will be
investigated in the form of sketch map supported SLAM. Direct interactions of
the autonomous vehicles with workers on foot will be addressed through novel
means for intention communication and action recognition. Finally, workers on
foot and humans in manually driven vehicles share the environment with the
robots. This will be addressed through the development of perception approaches
that provide input for human-compliant motion planning.

**Important**: Please indicate clearly in your application what your preferred
topic is. If you want to apply for several topics, please give your priority.	

**Prerequisites and Application Process, Ph.D. Application**

In addition to a strong interest in the topic, a solid theoretical background
and excellent programming skills, applicants should also have the equivalent of
a Master's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Physics, Applied Mathematics,
Robotics, Computer Science, etc). Experience in Robotics and AI and - for the
research topic "Mobile Robot Olfaction" - knowledge of computational fluid
dynamics are a plus. Proficiency in written/spoken English is mandatory.
To apply for a position, please send a motivation letter along with an updated
CV (including at least two academic references) by e mail to Prof. Achim J.
Lilienthal (achim.lilienthal at oru.se). Please indicate in the subject that you
apply for a Ph.D. position. Applications can be sent immediately and will be
considered until the positions are fixed.

**Prerequisites and Application Process, Postdoc Application**

Applicants should have a PhD in Robotics or a related field and of course
dedication and a strong interest in the particular topic. In addition, the
successful candidates should have a solid theoretical background and excellent
programming skills. Previous experience in the relevant field is a plus. It is
not necessary to be familiar with the Swedish language, but proficiency in
written/spoken English is mandatory.
To apply for a position, please indicate in the subject that you apply for a
postdoc position and send the following documents in PDF format to Prof. Achim
J. Lilienthal (achim.lilienthal at oru.se):
-	a one page research statement that describes the preferred research topic and
your suitability for this topic,
-	an updated curriculum vitae (CV) including at least two references (names and
contact details),
-	a full list of publications,
-	copies of the three most relevant publications.
Applications can be sent immediately and will be considered until the positions
are fixed.


The Ph.D. student will join the AASS Mobile Robot and Olfaction lab (see
http://aass.oru.se/Research/mro/), one of the two research groups at the AASS
(Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems) research unit (http://www.oru.se/aass). The
research and human environment at AASS is young and enthusiastic, and Ph.D.
students come from different countries and have different scientific and
cultural backgrounds. AASS often hosts international researchers, and is
involved in several international projects, thus providing Ph.D. students with
opportunities to travel and cooperate with people in other countries.

Contact: Prof. Achim J. Lilienthal (achim.lilienthal at oru.se)

Closing date: Applications can be sent immediately and will be considered until
the position is filled.

Further information can be found at


  (Full announcement)

  (Link to the full announcenent and up to date information, including whether
positions are already filled.)

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