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The International Journal of Robotics Research
OnlineFirst articles for the period 13 October 2014 to 12 November 2014

A multi-hypothesis solution to data association for the two-frame SLAM 
Edmund Brekke and Mandar Chitre

Direct measurement of cell protrusion force utilizing a robot-aided cell 
manipulation system with optical tweezers for cell migration control
Xue Gou, Hao Yang, Tarek M Fahmy, Yong Wang, and Dong Sun

Efficiently combining task and motion planning using geometric constraints
Fabien Lagriffoul, Dimitar Dimitrov, Julien Bidot, Alessandro Saffiotti, 
and Lars Karlsson

A surface reconstruction method for in-detail underwater 3D optical mapping
Ricard Campos, Rafael Garcia, Pierre Alliez, and Mariette Yvinec

Rapid calibration of a multi-sensorial humanoid’s upper body: An 
automatic and self-contained approach
Oliver Birbach, Udo Frese, and Berthold Bäuml

Semantic parsing for priming object detection in indoors RGB-D scenes
César Cadena and Jana Košecká

Vision-guided robot hearing
Xavier Alameda-Pineda and Radu Horaud

Visual mapping for natural gas pipe inspection
Peter Hansen, Hatem Alismail, Peter Rander, and Brett Browning

HerbDisc: Towards lifelong robotic object discovery
Alvaro Collet, Bo Xiong, Corina Gurau, Martial Hebert, and Siddhartha
S. Srinivasa

Active visual SLAM for robotic area coverage: Theory and experiment
Ayoung Kim and Ryan M. Eustice

Multi-agent plan reconfiguration under local LTL specifications
Meng Guo and Dimos V Dimarogonas

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