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Call for participation

Half day Workshop on Software Architectures and
Methodologies for developing humanoid robots
- IEEE-RAS Humanoids 2014 Conference, Madrid, Spain
- Nov 18, 2014, 14:00 -- 18:30
- Workshop webpage:  http://blog.pal-robotics

-  Hilario Tomé, PAL Robotics, Spain, hilario.tome at pal-robotics.com
-  Luca Marchionni, PAL Robotics, Spain,  luca.marchionni at pal-robotics.com

Humanoid robots are one of the most challenging subjects in robotics.
Software architectures and design methodologies have a critical impact
on the development effort and quality of robot control systems.

On human size biped robots many components must coexist and interact
with each other to implement the desired skills. Teams of people must
work in an organized manner, working incrementally to achieve results.

How to design such systems is an important question of research in order
to make progress in robotics and reduce the amount of time
spent in software development, integration and maintenance.

There are several methodologies and frameworks that help facing this
problem. The aim of this workshop if to bring together the relevant
experts in the field that work on a daily basis with humanoid robots
in order to share the experiences learned through the years,
identify common problems and take a step towards a standard way
to solve them.

Each of the invited speakers has their own robotic platform and
framework, giving the opportunity for an active discussion of
the proposed topic.

The workshop will also include a live demonstration of the latest
capabilities of PAL Robotics REEM-C
<http://www.pal-robotics.com/en/products/reem-c/> robot.

Include, but are not limited to:
-Humanoid software development
-Control architectures
-Development tools
-Best practices

This half-day workshop will consist of several invited presentations
from experts in the field and a panel discussion.


14:00-14:25   Issues on software architecture to control humanoid robots
                      over multiple middlewares and multiple robots
                      Olivier Stasse, Gepetto Team, LAAS – CNRS, France

14:25-14:50  The Software Architecture for the Humanoid Robot COMAN
                     Enrico Mingo ADVR / Humanoids & Human Centred
Mechatronics, IIT, Italy

14:50-15:15 Control and Middleware for Human Centered Robots
                    Luis Sentis, Depart. of Mechanical Engineering,
                    The University of Texas at Austin, US

15:15-15:40 How we deal with software complexity in robotics:
                    “links and nodes” and the “robotkernel”
                    Florian Schmidt, Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics,
                    German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany

15:40-16:00 Break

16:00-16:25 Software Development for Whole-body Tasks for Humanoid at CNRS-
                    Eiichi Yoshida, CNRS-AIST JRL, Japan

16:25-16:50 Development of Robot Software Framework PODO:
                    Toward Multi-Processes and Multi-Users
                    Jeongsoo Lim, Jungho Lee, JunHo Oh
                    Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST, Korea

16:50-17:15 Managing humanoid software complexity and enhancing team
                    productivity through simulation, logging and
visualization tools,
                    and software practices at IHMC
                   Jerry Pratt, Florida Institute for Human and Machine
Cognition (IHMC), US

17:15-17:40 Alexander Herzog, Stefan Schaal, Computational Learning & Motor
control lab,
                    University of Southern California, US
17:40-18:05 Writing robot-­agnostic controllers for real robots
                    Hilario Tomé, Luca Marchionni, PAL Robotics S.L.

18:05-18:30 REEM-C live demo

Best regards,

Luca Marchionni
PAL Robotics, <http://www.pal-robotics.com/>
+34 934 145 347
luca.marchionni at pal-robotics.com

Hilario Tomé
PAL Robotics, <http://www.pal-robotics.com/>
+34 934 145 347
hilario.tome at pal-robotics.com

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