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Ben Davis ben at gobotix.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 02:38:27 PST 2014

GOBOTiX Ltd is a recent start-up company with offices located in 
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK.

We are seeking 2 new employees to join our recent start-up company, only 
18 months old. We are recruiting for both Graduate and Senior roles as 
we continue to expand. The senior role requires existing knowledge and 
experience in programming and applying Computer Vision techniques and 
development of algorithms. Whilst the graduate role requires less 
experience, the role requires a high degree of determination and energy 
to develop their skills in new areas of technology. Experience with 
small robotic platforms or embedded systems, as well as good programming 
and operating system skills, would be advantageous. An appetite to 
further ones knowledge with interests in Machine Learning / Computer 
Vision / Image Processing is required. A PhD, or similar industrial 
experience, would be ideal for the more senior roles. The requirement to 
travel within the UK for field trials for short periods of time will be 

Our employees have pioneered a wide range of robotic platforms and 
systems in their careers to date. They have led projects and designed 
Software and Hardware systems specifically for the Autonomous Vehicles 
and Robotics domains. The team is well versed in tackling tough projects 
since robotic vehicles for on-road use, and underwater robotics, demand 
the most trustworthy and reliable of systems.

GOBOTiX has a wide variety of projects which you would be a part of:
    - Rail Navigation Systems
        - Why? GPS doesn't differentiate between parallel rails and also 
relies on satellites being visible. Existing axle-counting 
infrastructure is prone to failure and relies upon cabling which is 
susceptible to theft. Signals require fine control so trains don't go 
the wrong way. Thus, automatic re-scheduling of trains is required if 
delays are to be reduced, this requires knowing their precise location 
in ALL operating conditions.
        - This project involves real-world live trials of the system 
on-board trains starting in the coming months. Lots of opportunity for 
mechanical and electrical design and testing in addition to algorithms 
and software development. A mock-up lab testing environment will be used 
to simulate difficult conditions.
    - Maintenance and condition monitoring of rolling stock(trains)
        - System visually searches for anomalies in the condition of 
train systems.
            - Gather lots of statistics over time.
            - Requires initial data collection platform design and 
        - Algorithms required to measure operational limits of different 
systems and look for anomalies and report them appropriately.
    - Driver-less Autonomous Cars and remote tele-operation
        - Using our Toyota Prius, explore the challenges facing 
autonomous vehicle failure and investigate the benefits remote 
assistance via tele-operation can provide. This is both a social and a 
systems exercise, exploring what passengers require from 
remote-assistance, and what the technical requirements are. The 
implementation of a prototype tele-operation system is required. This 
will be tested and demonstrated as part of a High Profile autonomous 
vehicle test environment in London.
    - Anomaly Detection Systems
    - Surveying and Mapping Systems (Laser and Vision)

For more information about available positions see full advert at 
The website is currently under construction ...

All applicants must have the right to work in the UK.

Please contact Dr Ben Davis (biz at gobotix.co.uk)

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