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Call for contributions

HUMANOIDS 2014 Workshop on Cognition, perception and postural control
Madrid, November 18 2014

website: http://www.humanoids2014.org/WS15/ 

contact: scasa at ing.uc3m.es 




Submission of abstracts:  October 15, 2014 

Notification of acceptance:  October 25, 2014 

Workshop:  November 18, 2014



Understanding how people mentally represent their experience and then use
these representations to operate effectively defines, in a simple way, the
concept of human cognition.

Thus, perceiving, imagining, thinking, remembering, forming concepts, and
solving problems define the domain of cognitive exploration.

The goal of perception research, as part of the cognition process,  is to
understand how stimuli from the world interact with the robot sensory
systems and how the computing system represents the world.

Research in perception spans a wide range of problems extending from the
sensing devices, through the processing of sensory information, to the
methods by which an accurate description of sensations is applied to

Many studies have been performed to figure the human operation out and to
apply their results in robotics. All this knowledge concerning cognitive
concepts is applied to the enhancement of manipulation and locomotion in
environments where social interaction plays a major role. 

In the case of the humanoid robots, more and more complex electromechanics
and software systems have been developed for mimicking human behaviour.

This workshop is focused in presenting achievements in this three
interrelated fields: cognition, perception and postural control.  Some, but
not the only, topics to be addressed in the workshop are:         

        - Bio-inspired cognitive systems

        - Learning applied to postural control

        - Perception systems: vision, tactile, etc.

       - Hardware developments for improving postural control



The workshop consists of several invited presentations from experts in the
field as well as an interactive poster session. 

All posters are introduced in an scheduled teaser session in the workshop

Slides, abstracts and posters will be made available on the workshop



We solicit extended abstracts to be presented as posters in the workshop. 

Please submit a 2-4 page abstract in the Humanoids 2014
<http://ras.papercept.net/conferences/support/tex.php> format to
scasa at ing.uc3m.es 

Submission information will be provided soon at the workshop website
http://mysite.hs-coburg.de/~kuko140m/mros2014.htm .



Manuel Armada, CAR-UPM.

Santiago Martinez,UC3M.

Ye Zhao, Univ. Texas at Austin


Dr. Santiago Martínez de la Casa Díaz

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