[robotics-worldwide] [journals]IJRR OnlineFirst articles for the period 28 August 2014 to 7 October 2014

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The International Journal of Robotics Research
OnlineFirst articles for the period 28 August 2014 to 7 October 2014

Controlling many differential-drive robots with uniform control inputs
Aaron Becker, Cem Onyuksel, Timothy Bretl, and James McLurkin

Tissue removal inside the beating heart using a robotically delivered 
metal MEMS tool
Nikolay V. Vasilyev, Andrew H. Gosline, Arun Veeramani, Ming Ting Wu, 
Gregory P. Schmitz, Richard T. Chen, Veaceslav Arabagi, Pedro J. del 
Nido, and Pierre E. Dupont

Sampling-based A* algorithm for robot path-planning
Sven Mikael Persson and Inna Sharf

Randomized path planning on vector fields
Inyoung Ko, Beobkyoon Kim, and Frank Chongwoo Park

Clutchable series-elastic actuator: Implications for prosthetic knee design
Elliott J. Rouse, Luke M. Mooney, and Hugh M. Herr

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