[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] post-doc position, Brown University, Biologically-Inspired Flight

seth hutchinson seth at illinois.edu
Fri Oct 10 08:14:26 PDT 2014

I am seeking a Post Doc to work with myself and Sharon Swartz, on a 
project concerning the dynamics of bat flight during landing and 
takeoff.  Bats perform extraordinary maneuvers to go from a flying 
posture to an upside-down hanging posture, and we will be studying the 
dynamics of these transitions using both live animals and robotic models.

The new project is a collaboration between our lab at Brown and a group 
of roboticists at U. Illinois (Hutchinson, Chung, Bretl, 
Golparvar-Fard), all aimed towards the development of bat-inspired 
robotics.  We will be collecting and analyzing video of live animals 
during landing and takeoff maneuvers and using high resolution video 
analysis, coupled with multiple degrees of freedom dynamical 
simulations.  We have already started some of this in work with a former 
Post Doc, Attila Bergou,  and the new project will continue and expand 
this work.

For this particular opening, the center of gravity leans towards 
physical science, dynamics and control, but there will be lots of 
opportunities those who want to be involved in live animal flight tests. 
  The ideal candidate  should have a strong analytical abilities with an 
interest in the aeromechanics of animal flight.  Previous experience in 
biological flight is not necessary. Our group at Brown is a wonderful 
aggregation of scientists that spans fluid mechanics, biomechanics, 
muscle physiology, computer science, applied mathematics even materials 

The funding from NSF is here and ready to go, but we are willing to wait 
for the right person if needed. To apply, or for more information, 
please contact:

Kenny Breuer   kbreuer at brown.edu
Sharon Swartz Sharon_Swartz at brown.edu

Kenny Breuer
Professor of Engineering

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