[robotics-worldwide] [news] Call for Participants: 2015 Mobile Microrobotics Challenge

Dave Cappelleri dcappell at purdue.edu
Wed Oct 15 13:32:15 PDT 2014

The IEEE Robotics & Automations Society (RAS) Micro/Nano Robotics &
Automation Technical Committee (MNRA) invites applications to participate
in the 2015 Mobile Microrobotics Challenge, in which microrobots on the
order of the diameter of a human hair face off in tests of autonomy,
accuracy, and assembly. Teams can participate in up to three events:

1.  Autonomous Mobility & Accuracy Challenge: Microrobots must track a
predefined micro-scale trajectory (rectangle, circle, triangle, etc.)
multiple times. The team with the most accurate traversal of the all the
trajectories is the winner.

2.  Microassembly Challenge: Microrobots must assemble multiple microscale
components inside a narrow channel in a fixed amount of time. This task
simulates anticipated applications of microassembly, including manipulation
within a human blood vessel and the assembly of components in nano

3.  MMC Showcase & Poster Session: Each team has an opportunity to showcase
and demonstrate any advanced capabilities and/or functionality of their
microrobot system. Each participating team will get one vote to determine
the Best in Show winner.

Important Dates:

*December 1, 2014*  Team Proposals Due
*December 15, 2014*  Proposal Acceptance/Rejection notification
*February 15, 2015*  Qualification Video Submission Due
*March 1, 2015*  Finalists Notified
*May 26-30, 2015*    MMC @ ICRA 2015

Please vist the competition website for the Official Rules and more

David J. Cappelleri,Purdue University
Aaron T. Ohta, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Roel Pieters, ETH Zurich
Igor Paprotny, University of Illinois, Chicago

RAS_MMC_Organizers at googlegroups.com

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