[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Senior Robotics Engineer Wanted by Carnegie Mellon Universtiy/NREC

Thomas Gordon thgordon at rec.ri.cmu.edu
Thu Oct 16 13:05:25 PDT 2014

The National Robotics Engineering Center, (NREC), part of Carnegie Mellon
University's world-renowned Robotics Institute, is looking for a senior
robotics engineer for an immediate opportunity to fill a critical role in
our projects.

Other immediate needs also include Robotics Engineers, and Senior Robotics


Requirements include:


.             Significant computer vision experience to work on structure
from motion, stereo, and sensor fusion.

.             Identify technical direction which includes identifying and
prioritizing new work that addresses weaknesses of or adds substantial new
features to current systems

.             Decompose such work into smaller tasks for less senior

.             Build development plans for small teams to execute


Responsibilities are:


.             Assist project director in formalizing and tracking plans and
progress to the customer

.             Task small teams to execute such plans and monitor risks
during execution of plans

.             Supervision of one to seven engineers as well as support

.             Requires advanced formal engineering or computer science
education, superior problem solving skills, and independent decision-making

.             Systems being constructed typically require design and
development of: artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques,
computer vision, path planning, real-time control algorithms, sensor
interfaces, serial and Ethernet communication software, simulation and
graphical user interfaces


Additional desired qualities are:

.             Education: Masters degree in Robotics, Information Science,
Computer Science, Software Engineering or engineering (electrical, computer,
mechanical) or equivalent combination of training and experience

.             Licenses: May require licensing in a particular area

.             Experience: At least 4 or more years of related experience,
including in depth experience in robotics applications

.             Skills: Ability to apply mastery and broad understanding in a
specific field (i.e., computer science, chemistry, electrical engineering,
design, etc.) to practical scientific or technical projects; skill in using
C or C++ with modern software engineering processes; experience writing
software in a Linux or Unix environment; in depth, applied experience with
robotics and 3D computer vision and/or planning algorithms; excellent
analytical, technical, reasoning and innovative problem solving skills;
ability to function competently in a team environment; ability to interact
and communicate effectively and courteously with members of the campus
community and external customers; computer expertise; ability to maintain
accurate and detailed records; requires supervisory and leadership skills;
meet inflexible deadlines; deal with difficult individuals while maintaining

.             Physical Mobility: Normally sedentary with some mobility;
i.e., able to travel to other campus locations; may require some bending,
stretching, pushing as well as lifting of components or equipment

.             Environmental Conditions: Work is normally performed in an
academic or research lab. There is frequent close contact with CRT for long
periods of time

.             Mental: Ability to pay close attention to detail, meet
inflexible deadlines, remain calm during difficult situations, work under
pressure and work with frequent interruptions, supervise others


See the job posting and apply on-line:








For further information contact:


Christine DeCarolis - Senior Recruiter  - cdecarolis at nrec.ri.cmu.edu


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