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Aude Billard aude.billard at epfl.ch
Thu Oct 23 07:08:43 PDT 2014

The EPFL LASA laboratory is accepting applications for a postdoctoral 
appointment in the areas of robot learning and computational neuroscience.

The postdoctoral researcher will develop computational models of human 
motions when engaged in dyadic interaction with another human and apply 
these models to control robots engaged in coordinated activities with 

The successful candidate should have a solid background and excellent analytical skills in at least one (or all) of the following areas: dynamical systems, machine learning, impedance control. The candidate should have hands-on experience in robotics and interest in safety issues in human-robot interaction.


The application should include the following documents:


1. CV including publication list


2. A list with the names of at least 3 references.


3. A selection of_two_  (no more than two) publications


should be sent by email to aude.billard at epfl.ch

This is a one-year appointment with a February 1, 2014 start date 
(negotiable) and possibility for annual renewal.

The LASA laboratory is affiliated with EPFL's institute of 
MicroEngineering and Mechanical Engineering.To learn more, visit us at 
http://lasa.epfl.ch <http://lasa.epfl.ch/>


Prof. Aude Billard
LASA laboratory, http://lasa.epfl.ch
EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Mail to: Station 9, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
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