[robotics-worldwide] [journals] CfP: Autonomous Robots Special Issue on Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics

brenna d. argall brenna.argall at northwestern.edu
Mon Oct 27 09:49:00 PDT 2014

Call for Journal Papers: Springer AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS - Special Issue on 
Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics


Abstract deadline : December 1, 2014
Paper submission deadline: February 1, 2015

The Autonomous Robots journal invites papers for a special issue 
entitled “Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics”. Assistive robotics 
covers currently a broad spectrum of research axes, from intelligent 
robots acting as servants, secretaries, or companions to intelligent 
robotic functions such as autonomous wheelchair navigation, embedded 
robotics, ambient intelligence, or intelligent spaces. The proposed 
special issue focuses on robotics for the assistance of people with a 
particular focus on physical/cognitive impairments. The purpose is to 
gather original papers from various fields to highlight topics related 
to the challenging problems of assisting people in their everyday lives. 
Topics related to social interaction, intelligent habitats, mobility 
assistance, healthcare and wellbeing will be covered. We also welcome 
fundamental and technological research particularly related to 
autonomous indoor vehicles, sensor networks and actuators, wearable and 
ubiquitous technologies, and human-robot interaction, will be also taken 
into account.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Elder care autonomous assistive robots
- Mobility aids for locomotion or navigation
- Automated manipulation systems
- Autonomous robot companions
- Social interaction
- Multi-modal human-machine interfaces for assistive robots
- Interactive control of assistive robots
- Human behavioral modeling and human locomotion
- Activity monitoring systems and activity recognition
- Wearable robots: exoskeletons, actuated orthoses, and prostheses
- Mechatronic design and control of human movements
- Sensor networks, actuator networks, domotics, and distributive robotics
- User-study methods and user-centered design models
- Ethical issues for assistive robotics

Paper submission and selection:
If you would like to contribute to this special issue, please send a 
one-page abstract by Dec. 1, 2014 to: samer.mohammed at u-pec.fr, 
brenna.argall at northwestern.edu, and haewon.park at gatech.edu. The abstract 
should include the followings: title, background, objectives, approach, 
main findings, results, and conclusions. Authors are encouraged to 
submit high-quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is 
under consideration by, other journals. All papers will be reviewed 
following standard reviewing procedures for the Journal.

Papers must be prepared in accordance with the Journal guidelines: 
Manuscripts must be submitted to: http://AURO.edmgr.com. Choose 
“Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics” as the article type.

Planned publication schedule:
Abstract submission deadline: 1 December 2014
Paper submission deadline: 1 February 2015
First reviews completed: 1 May 2015
Second reviews completed: 1 July 2015
Final manuscript due: 1 August 2015

Guest Editors:
Samer Mohammed (samer.mohammed at u-pec.fr), Univ. of Paris-Est Créteil, France
Brenna Argall (brenna.argall at northwestern.edu), Northwestern University, USA
Hae Won Park (haewon.park at gatech.edu), Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Yacine Amirat (amirat at u-pec.fr), University of Paris-Est Créteil, France
Sidd Srinivasa (ss5 at andrew.cmu.edu), Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Momotaz Begum (mbegum at cs.uml.edu), University of Mass. Lowell, USA
David Daney (david.daney at inria.fr),INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
Chung Hyuk Park (chung.park at nyit.edu), New York Institute of Technology, USA
Anne Spalanzani (anne.spalanzani at inria.fr), INRIA Rhone-Alpes, France

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