[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Post doctoral and staff position available in the Biorobotics Labs at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University

Howie Choset choset at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 24 11:25:47 PDT 2014

The Biorobotics Lab reduces complicated high-dimensional problems found 
in robotics to low-dimensional simpler ones for design, analysis, and 
planning. Often, we look to biology for inspiration and sometimes, we 
return the favor by providing analysis that models and helps to explain 
biology. We have openings in three different projects:

1. Design and planning for the next generation of autonomous guided 
vehicles. This project is part of Carnegie Mellon's new collaboration 
with Foxconn.

2. Biologically inspired control of full body locomotors and 
manipulators. We work closely with biologists to collect data and, 
driven by this data, derive fundamental controllers and motion planners 
for full body mechanisms such as snake robots.

3. Multi-agent path planners. We have developed a novel framework for 
multi-agent planning that is computationally efficient and lends itself 
to combined planning and control.

The post-doc applicant should hold a PhD in a robotics-related field, 
while the staff applicant must have a BS or MS and a portfolio of robot 
project experience. To apply, please send a CV, a brief statement of 
research interests, your skype ID, and experience, up to 3 sample 
publications, and the contact details of three references to Howie 
Choset (choset at cs.cmu.edu <mailto:choset at cs.cmu.edu>)

In your statement, please make it clear what you have done, what 
project/projects you are interested in, if possible, how your background 
supports this interest, and your long-term research goals.  Blind 
submissions to this request will not be seriously considered, so please 
take the time to look at my group's different robots, papers and website 
- http://biorobotics.org <http://biorobotic.org/>.

Thank you for your interest,

Howie Choset, Professor
3205 Newell-Simon Hall
Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon
5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213

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