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Sonia Chernova soniac at cs.wpi.edu
Tue Oct 28 07:24:53 PDT 2014

DEADLINE EXTENDED to November 11th, 2014.

Journal of Human-Robot Interaction
Special Issue on: Robots on the Web, in the Cloud, and for the Crowd

The growth of the Internet and World Wide Web has spurred the rapid
expansion of robotics into society at large.  Advances in networking and
cloud computing have promoted robotics applications in areas such as
unmanned flight, hospital delivery, telemedicine, education, assistive
domestic service robots, as well as applications we have yet to conceive
(as was the case from the dawn of the Internet and WWW itself).  As
robotics expands beyond research labs, there is a critical need to study,
understand, and improve the ways in which people interact with, operate,
and utilize networked robots across domains.

Connectivity to the Web has changed the way robots collect data, process
data and interact with users.  Crowdsourcing has enabled data collection
and labeling at an unprecedented scale, presenting tremendous potential for
acquiring new capabilities through distributed and cloud computation.
Advances in bandwidth and access have led to the development of new forms
of robot control and human-robot interaction over distributed networks.
Human guidance and supervision is becoming increasingly used to ensure
effective robot performance, such as through remote command centers,
adjustable autonomy, and crowdsourcing platforms.  Furthermore,
accessibility of web-scale networked robots is broadening access and the
provision of services to populations who have traditionally been isolated
from advances in robotics, such as increasing the independence of the
physically disabled, maintaining social engagement with older adults,
educating from diverse socioeconomic groups, and rethinking labor from the
perspective of remote work through robots.

For this special issue we are soliciting high quality, original articles
that present the design and/or evaluation of robots that are accessible on
the web, use capabilities in the cloud and are enabled for the crowd.  We
aim to bring together a wide variety of applications that demonstrate the
current state-of-the-art in Web/Cloud/Crowd Robotics.

Topics of interest are, but certainly not limited to, applications of Cloud
Robotics, Networked Robots; Networked Teleoperation; Robot Companions and
Social Robots; Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration; Efficient and
Smart Communication Protocols; Robot Middleware and Programming
Environments; Skill Acquisition and Learning; Adjustable and Shared
Autonomy for Remote Systems; Telepresence; and Broadening Participation in

Nov 11, 2014: Deadline for submissions of full length papers
Dec 2014: Notification of initial reviews
Jan 2015: Deadline for revisions
Feb 2015: Notification of final reviews
Mar 2015: Submission of final camera-ready manuscripts
June 2015: Online publication

The Journal of Human-Robot Interaction is a peer-reviewed,
interdisciplinary, open-access journal using an online submission and
manuscript tracking system. To submit your paper, please:

(1) Go to http://humanrobotinteraction.org/journal/index.php/HRI/login and
login or follow the link to register with the site. If registering, click
the buttons at the bottom of author and reviewer.

(2) Login, follow link to user home, and click the “new submission” link on
the lower right.

(3) Follow the instructions.

Sonia Chernova
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
soniac at cs.wpi.edu

Odest Chadwicke Jenkins
Brown University
cjenkins at cs.brown.edu

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