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Robotics & mechanical engineering and control engineering positions are
available at Hstar Technologies, Cambridge, MA (full-time). 



Hstar Technologies is an innovative medical robotics company headquartered
in Cambridge, MA. A spin-off from MIT CSAIL, Hstar is harnessing
technologies developed through advanced research and development to create
industry leading commercial products. We seek strong candidates in robotics
to join our talented team.  These are full-time positions for only US
citizens or permanent residents. Please submit your resume and any
supporting material such as design portfolios to jobs at hstartech.com.




1. Robotics and Mechanical Engineer (Full Time) 


We seek strong candidates in mechanical engineering to join our talented
engineering team. This position requires strong experience with:

- Robot mechanism design

- Electric motor actuator and precision gearbox design

- Design for manufacturing of production mechanical systems

- Sourcing components and working with vendors

- Assembly and machining of mechanical systems

- Hands-on experience prototyping real robots and motion control

- Ability to troubleshoot/repair/maintain a wide range of mechanical systems

- Solidworks, MS Office


A Master degree with 2~3 years or B.S. with 5 years experience in Robotics
Engineering or equivalent is required. 




2. Manipulator Control and Embedded System Engineer (Full Time) 


We seek strong candidates in robot control and embedded systems engineering
to lead development of manipulator control software and embedded control
electronics. This position requires:  

- 3+ years of software development experience in robotic applications

- Extensive knowledge of the Linux environment

- Extensive knowledge of Python and C/C++

- Experience/familiarity with the following:

*	network programming
*	manipulator control and/or automation process control
*	serial communication (e.g., SPI) and CAN bus communication protocols

*	DSPs
*	EtherCAT

The roles and responsibilities include:

- develop robot related network communications libraries

- develop robot related python and c++ tools and libraries

- develop vision, path planning and control algorithms for an autonomous
mobile robotic system

- software testing, maintenance and documentation

- software support to other team members


A Bachelor degree or Master degree in Robotics Engineering with experience
in robotic navigation control software development is preferred. Experience
on robotic sensing and control system integration of mobile robotic
navigation is highly desirable. Knowing computer vision, development and
control is a plus.









Yi-Je Lim (pronounced 'EJ'), PhD

Hstar Technologies Co.

625 Mount Auburn St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

Main: 617.229.5748

Direct: 617.963.8985 (Ext 7003)

Cell: 603.321.3206

Fax: 617.229.5649

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