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                          Call for Participation
                    3rd Workshop on Robots in Clutter:
                  Perception and Interaction in Clutter
               IROS 2014, Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 18, 2014

Motivation and Objectives:

Complex and cluttered environments continue to present challenging problems to
many aspects of robotics research. Vision for example faces the problem of
segmenting or recognising task-relevant objects amidst clutter and occlusions.
Unexpected scene changes pose challenges for maintaining valid and tractable
scene representations for navigation, especially in highly dynamic outdoor
scenes as encountered in self-driving cars. Manipulation cannot expect precise
pose knowledge of all objects in a pile, let alone all contact relations.  All
these problems will become increasingly manifest as robots move into
unstructured domestic, industrial or outdoor settings. What is meant by "robust
to clutter", however, is difficult to define and adequate metrics and benchmarks
are still missing.

Humans seem to be good at handling these situations by identifying the most task
relevant parts of the scene and focusing attention on these, or by employing
interactive strategies where a problem is tackled in a series of small steps.
Similar strategies are also being increasingly explored in various areas of

Following in the footsteps of the first and second Workshop on Robots in Clutter
held at RSS 2012 and 2013 respectively, this workshop brings together
researchers from related robotics domains to discuss experience and ideas for
handling various problems induced by clutter, and to advance theoretically
founded and system-wide approaches of handling clutter.

The one day workshop will consist of invited talks, contributed paper talks,
poster and demo presentations, as well as a moderated discussion. This
discussion will be initiated by a debate among a panel of invited debaters, who
will present a controversial point from two opposing perspectives. This
establishes the main arguments as a basis for later discussion for everybody in
the room.

Submissions (closed now):
We invite paper submissions and extended abstracts, optionally accompanied by
a video, as well as demo submissions. All submissions will be reviewed (single
blind) by the program committee.  Papers should be up to 6 pages in length,
extended abstracts 2 or 3 pages, and formatted according to the IROS style
(see http://ras.papercept.net/conferences/support/support.php).
All accepted work will be published in the arXiv citable digital archive.
Furthermore, we will pursue the publication of selected workshop contributions
as a special journal issue.

We invite contributions to the following topics
* Sensing and perception in cluttered scenes (table tops, rooms, outdoors)
* Navigation in cluttered and dynamic environments and social aspects of such robots
* Self-driving cars and clutter on streets in urban areas
* Interactive perception for object segmentation and recognition in clutter
* Manipulation of objects in clutter (complex object arrangements, piles, heaps)
* We specifically invite demos for the interactive demo and poster session

Invited Talks:

Oliver Brock, TU Berlin: Clutter - there is good and bad in everyone
Adolfo Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian, PAL Robotics: Mobile navigation in dynamic 
Tucker Hermans, TU Darmstadt: Tactile Sensing for Object Manipulation in Clutter
Chris Mansley, Robert Bosch LLC: Automated Driving: Object Perception at 120 KPH

Michael Zillich, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Dejan Pangercic, Bosch RTC Palo Alto, USA
Maren Bennewitz, University of Freiburg, Germany
Justus Piater, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Maria Fox, King's College London, UK

mailto:clutter14 at list.tuwien.ac.at

This workshop is supported by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Mobile
Manipulation (TCMM) and by EU project FP7-ICT-610532 "SQUIRREL: Clearing Clutter
Bit by Bit"

Dr. Michael Zillich
ACIN Institute of Automation and Control
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