[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for Participation at a Workshop on The Role of Human Sensorimotor Control in Surgical Robotics @ IROS2014

Ilana Nisky nisky at stanford.edu
Wed Sep 10 08:29:32 PDT 2014

Call for participation

Dear Colleagues,
A workshop on “The role of human sensorimotor control in surgical robotics”
will be held at the 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent
Robots and Systems (IROS), in Chicago, Illinois, on Thursday, September 18,
2014, 08:30aM-06:00pM, at Salon 5.




Surgery is a highly complex sensorimotor task requiring surgeons to
precisely control surgical instruments to operate on patients. In
tele-operated robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (RAMIS), the
surgeon manipulates a pair of master manipulators that control the movement
of patient-side instruments that are inserted into the patient via small
incisions. The design and control of RAMIS platforms may enhance the
ability of the surgeon to perform a safe and effective surgery. A
comprehensive understanding of surgeon sensorimotor behavior is fundamental
to continuing innovations and improvements of surgical robots. Recently,
researchers have begun to apply basic ideas from human sensorimotor control
to better understand surgeon performance. The tele-operative nature of
RAMIS allows measurement of underlying surgeon behavior, and this research
is resulting in new and exciting findings that not only improve surgical
robotics but also suggest a novel, applied, and real-life environment to
study basic human sensorimotor control.

In this workshop, we seek to foster a dialogue between researchers in the
fields of: (1) computational modeling of neural control of movement,
sensorimotor behavior, and human motor learning; (2) human-robot
interaction, tele-operation, and surgical robotics; and (3) surgical
training and skill assessment, by discussing latest advancements in each
field and novel collaborations avenues. The aim of this workshop is to
discuss current research and future directions to improve surgical robotics
as well as to advance our understanding of basic human behavior.
Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (RAMIS) offers an appealing
platform that can foster collaboration between these two fields. The
morning session will focus on RAMIS teleoperation and human motor control,
and the afternoon session will focus on surgical training, skill
assessment, and motor learning. Each session will be followed by a panel
discussion of the speakers in the session with questions from the audience.

Invited speakers:

Cenk Cavusoglu, Case Western Reserve University
Greg Hager, Johns Hopkins University
Katherine Kuchenbecker, University of Pennsylvania
Konrad Kording, Northwestern University/Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi, Northwestern University/Rehabilitation Institute of
Allison Okamura, Stanford University
Guang-Zhong Yang, Imperial College of London

Best Poster Competition:

Posters will be presented during the morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks,
and we are lookingforward for lively discussions at these sessions. The
award committee and workshop participants will choose the best poster,
which will be announced at the end of the day.  The Best Poster Award
Committee will be chaired by Dr. Anthony Jarc.


Ilana Nisky, Biomedical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,
nisky (at) bgu.ac.il

Anthony Jarc, Medical Research, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., anthony.jarc (at)

We are looking forward for a very interesting workshop - see you in Chicago!

Ilana Nisky, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of Beiomedical Engineering

Head, Biomedical Robotics Lab

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Tony Jarc, PhD

Medical Research,

Intuitive Surgical Inc.

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