[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] IROS 2014 Workshop on Modular and Swarm Systems - from Nature to Robotics

Möckel Rico (DKE) rico.mockel at maastrichtuniversity.nl
Thu Sep 11 09:59:29 PDT 2014

Call for participation

IROS 2014 Workshop on Modular and Swarm Systems - from Nature to Robotics
September 14th, 2014, Chicago, USA

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the IROS 2014 Workshop on Modular and Swarm Systems - from Nature to Robotics in Salon 5 on September 14th at 08:30.

We would like to thank all invited speakers and all colleagues who submitted poster abstracts for their kind support. 

The full workshop program is available here: https://sites.google.com/site/iros2014mss/workshop-program
A booklet with poster abstracts can be downloaded here: https://sites.google.com/site/iros2014mss/abstracts

Workshop overview
This full-day workshop creates a forum to review the state of the art of, and discuss future directions and challenges for, the highly interdisciplinary fields of modular robotics and swarm robotics. Modularity is a concept well exploited by natural systems where relatively simple modules form highly complex structures. Through interaction between and continuous replacement or regeneration of these relatively low-cost modules, nature creates systems with a versatility and robustness that so far no artificial system can match. In swarm systems, physically independent entities or modules collaborate to perform common tasks. The fields of modular and swarm robotics have shown to be an ideal playground to study, for instance, self-organization, self-assembly, self-repair, adaptation, collaboration, social interaction, distributed intelligence, smart materials in robotic and natural systems. Over the past years many highly developed robotic systems have been presented. During this workshop we will bring together many of these systems in an exhibition. An active participation of early-career researchers and of those new to IROS is highly encouraged. Experts from a range of disciplines will share their experience and views on the future of these research fields.

Workshop program and invited speakers

8:30 Welcome
8:45 David L Hu, Fire ants assemble and repair rafts and towers, Georgia Institute of Technology
9:10 Justin Werfel, Collective construction by termites and other robots, Harvard University
9:35 Mark Yim, Applications for self-assembling modular robots, University of Pennsylvania

Coffee break (10:00 - 10:30)

10:30 Dario Floreano, Towards soft multi-cellular robots: building blocks and self-assembly, EPFL
10:55 Nikolaus Correll, From swarm robotics to smart materials, University of Colorado at Boulder
11:20 Sharon Glotzer, Towards colloidal robotics, University of Michigan

11:45 Discussions

Lunch break (12:00 - 13:30)

13:30 Daniela Rus, (title TBC), MIT
13:55 Seth C Goldstein, (title TBC), Carnegie Mellon University

14:20 Discussions

14:45 Poster session (runs over into coffee break)

Coffee break (15:00 - 15:30)

15:30 Exhibition
16:45 Closing and Awards
17:00 Ending

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