[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Open PhD student position on lower-limb exoskeletons

Elena García elena.garcia at car.upm-csic.es
Thu Sep 18 05:00:46 PDT 2014

The Centre for Automation and Robotics, joint center of Spanish National 
Research Council (CSIC) and Technical University of Madrid (UPM) offers 
a PhD student position for a four year research on the optimization of 
wearable lower-limb exoskeletons for the physical therapy of children 
suffering from neuromuscular diseases.

The PhD research is supported by a research project. Below is the abstract.

Elegible candidates:

- Masters degree on Robotics and Automation or equivalent
- Background in robotics for healthcare

Please send CV (resume), copy of passport and academic qualifications to 
elena.garcia at csic.es before Sept. 24.

Project abstract:

The permanent sitting position in children causes a chronic 
physiological degeneration, which is added to the patient's own illness 
and significantly speeds up the loss of health. This project aims to 
increase the quality of life of these children with the development of a 
device which allows to maintain walking ability artificially. To achieve 
this, the research project focuses on Type II Spinal Muscular Atrophy 
(SMA).  These children never walk, their life expectancy is short and 
the quality of life of these patients and their families is really limited.

This is a multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial project aimed at (1) 
optimizing the technology of lower limb exoskeletons for use by people 
who suffer from degenerative diseases, (2 ) demonstrating their benefits 
in the quality of life of patients through clinical evaluation in 
children affected by SMA type 2. This evaluation will be conducted in 
collaboration with a Hospital of reference. The project also involves 
the active collaboration of a company with experience in healthcare 
which will ensure the transfer of the developed technology to our society.

*Dr. Elena García*[web site <http://www.car.upm-csic.es/fsr/egarcia/>]
Field and Service Robotics Group       [LinkedIn 
Centre for Automation and Robotics
   Spanish National Research Council - (CSIC-UPM)

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