[robotics-worldwide] [journals] April 2015 issue of T-ASE: Cloud Robotics and Automation

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The April 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE) includes a Special Section with 11 papers on the emerging area of Cloud Robotics and Automation describing system architectures and applications to navigation, disaster-response, grasping, and assembly.  This issue also includes 20 Regular and 4 Short papers on topics including surgical instrument tracking, manifold sampling, clearing functions, decluttering, assembly stability, welding, eco-design, and crowd evacuation.


Details on T-ASE, info for authors, and upcoming Special Issues:



Editorial: Multiplicity has more Potential than Singularity, K. Goldberg

Guest Editorial, J. Civera, M. Ciocarlie, A. Aydemir, K. Bekris, and S. Sarma

A Survey of Research on Cloud Robotics and Automation, B. Kehoe, S. Patil, P. 
Abbeel, and K. Goldberg

Cloud-Based Collaborative 3D Mapping in Real-Time With Low-Cost Robots, G. 
Mohanarajah, V. Usenko, M. Singh, R. D'Andrea, and M. Waibel

RoboEarth Semantic Mapping: A Cloud Enabled Knowledge-Based Approach, L. 
Riazuelo, M. Tenorth, D. D. Marco, M. Salas, D. Galvez-Lopez, L. Mosenlechner, 
L. Kunze, M. Beetz, J. D. Tardos, L. Montano, and J. M. M. Montiel

A Tradeoff Analysis of a Cloud-Based Robot Navigation Assistant Using Stereo 
Image Processing, J. Salmeron-Garcia, P. Inigo-Blasco, F. Diaz-del-Rio, and D. 

Cloud-Based Grasp Analysis and Planning for Toleranced Parts Using Parallelized 
Monte Carlo Sampling, B. Kehoe, D. Warrier, S. Patil, and K. Goldberg

Dynamic Collaboration Between Networked Robots and Clouds in 
Resource-Constrained Environments, P. Pandey, D. Pompili, and J. Yi

Rapyuta: A Cloud Robotics Platform, G. Mohanarajah, D. Hunziker, R. D'Andrea, 
and M. Waibel

Inside the Virtual Robotics Challenge: Simulating Real-Time Robotic Disaster 
Response, C. E. Aguero, N. Koenig, I. Chen, H. Boyer, S. Peters, J. Hsu, B. 
Gerkey, S. Paepcke, J. L. Rivero, J. Manzo, E. Krotkov, and G. Pratt

Real-Time Multisensor Data Retrieval for Cloud Robotic Systems, L. Wang, M. 
Liu, and M. Q.-H. Meng

On Distributed Knowledge Bases for Robotized Small-Batch Assembly, M. Stenmark, 
J. Malec, K. Nilsson, and A. Robertsson


On the Power of Manifold Samples in Exploring Configuration Spaces and the 
Dimensionality of Narrow Passages, O. Salzman, M. Hemmer, and D. Halperin

Estimating Clearing Functions for Production Resources Using Simulation 
Optimization, N. B. Kacar and R. Uzsoy

Model Predictive Control of Central Chiller Plant With Thermal Energy Storage 
Via Dynamic Programming and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming, K. Deng, Y. Sun, 
S. Li, Y. Lu, J. Brouwer, P. G. Mehta, M. C. Zhou, and A. Chakraborty

Stochastic Cost-Profit Tradeoff Model for Locating an Automotive Service 
Enterprise, G. Tian, M. Zhou, J. Chu, T. Qiang, and H. Hu

Robotic Handling of Surgical Instruments in a Cluttered Tray, Y. Xu, Y. Mao, X. 
Tong, H. Tan, W. B. Griffin, B. Kannan, and L. A. DeRose

Towards Occlusion-Free Surgical Instrument Tracking: A Modular Monocular 
Approach and an Agile Calibration Method, J. Wang, M. Q.-H. Meng, and H. Ren

Automatic Color Inspection for Colored Wires in Electric Cables, S. Ghidoni, M. 
Finotto, and E. Menegatti

Using Manipulation Primitives for Object Sorting in Cluttered Environments, M. 
Gupta, J. Muller, and G. S. Sukhatme

The Influence of Motion Paths and Assembly Sequences on the Stability of 
Assemblies, S. Rakshit and S. Akella

A Dynamic Algorithm for Distributed Feedback Control for Manufacturing 
Production, Capacity, and Maintenance, S. Lee and V. V. Prabhu

Controlled Wafer Release in Clustered Photolithography Tools: Flexible Flow 
Line Job Release Scheduling and an LMOLP Heuristic, K. Park and J. R. Morrison

Supply Demand Coordination for Building Energy Saving: Explore the Soft 
Comfort, Z. Xu, Q.-S. Jia, and X. Guan

Simultaneous Identification of Bidirectional Path Models Based on Process Data, 
B. Jiang, F. Yang, W. Wang, and D. Huang

Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Services Based on Fuzzy Predicate Petri 
Nets, J. Cheng, C. Liu, M. C Zhou, Q. Zeng, and A. Yla-Jiaski

Noncyclic Scheduling of Cluster Tools With a Branch and Bound Algorithm, H.-J. 
Kim, J.-H. Lee, and T.-E. Lee

Real-Time Production Scheduler for Digital-Print-Service Providers Based on a 
Dynamic Incremental Evolutionary Algorithm, Q. Duan, J. Zeng, K. Chakrabarty, 
and G. Dispoto

Approximate Life Cycle Assessment via Case-Based Reasoning for Eco-Design, 
M.-G. Jeong, J. R. Morrison, and H.-W. Suh

Topological Indoor Localization and Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robot, H. 
Cheng, H. Chen, and Y. Liu

Robot Guided Crowd Evacuation, E. Boukas, I. Kostavelis, A. Gasteratos, and G. 
C. Sirakoulis


Backstepping Control for Gear Transmission Servo Systems With Backlash 
Nonlinearity, Z. Shi and Z. Zuo

A Minimal POE-Based Model for Robotic Kinematic Calibration With Only Position 
Measurements, L. Wu, X. Yang, K. Chen, and H. Ren

Cellular Production Lines With Asymptotically Reliable Bernoulli Machines: Lead 
Time Analysis and Control, S. M. Meerkov and C.-B. Yan

Toward Welding Robot With Human Knowledge: A Remotely-Controlled Approach, Y. 
Liu and Y. Zhang

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