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Tue Apr 21 06:47:27 PDT 2015

Invitation for participation
May 20, 2015, Yverdons-les Bains

Welcome to the Educational Robotics Cafe!

Recall a time when you had a great conversation where real learning or new
insight occurred. What enabled that to happen?

*We invite you to the Educational Robotics Cafe*, a workshop where our
talks and discussions will build the base for a canvas of the educational
robotics landscape – with its opportunities and threats. In this landscape
we will place four different approaches that introduce children to robotics.

During the workshop, we will explore questions that matter to us as
educators or roboticists or both. All you need is to bring your experience
with educational robotics to the café table and join the conversation.

More info about approaches and organizers at

Regular Registration until  15.05.2015
Workshops: 20.05.2015
Conference: 21.05.2015 – 22.05.2015

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