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Sat Apr 25 01:27:36 PDT 2015

PhD Openings in Humanoids and Human Centred Mechatronics

*PhD Theme 14. Whole-body Sensor Fusion of Humanoid Robots*

Tutors: Zhibin Li, Jörn Malzahn, Xin Wang, Nikos Tsagarakis

Proprioception gives humans a sense of their relative posture and motion 
of their individual body parts along with the efforts that are taken to 
realize them. In humans the proprioceptive “sensors” can be found in the 
tendons, muscle spindles and joints. The proprioception is complemented 
by the vestibular system, which equips humans with information about the 
body position, velocity and acceleration. In addition exteroception 
describes the ability of humans to sense their surrounding environment 
through e. g. visual and audio information.

This topic aims to transfer human inspired capabilities to humanoid 
robots, by mutually calibrating the sensors of humanoid robots and 
fusing their data. This way the successful candidate will contribute to 
the state-of-the-art and escalate a variety of information that can be 
extracted from available sensor data. The successful candidate will 
develop an effective hierarchical sensor fusion framework that combines 
the different measurement signals, estimates the parameters as well as 
the state of the system. The framework will include self-calibration 
algorithms that explore the redundancy of the sensor feedback and an 
explicit dynamic model of the robot.

The whole-body sensor fusion framework is envisioned to assist the 
motion planning and control, manipulation and monitor the state of the 
whole robotic system, e.g. temperature, data log, fault record. The goal 
is to endow humanoid robots to traverse various types of terrains, 
remove heavy obstacles, operate human oriented tools and devices.

These methods will be experimentally validated using the compliant 
humanoid robot COMAN developed under the European FP7 project AMARSI 
(www.amarsi-project.eu) as well as the high performance WALKMAN humanoid 
developed by the EU project WALK-MAN (www.walk-man.eu 

*Requirements*: Applicants should have strong background in signal 
processing, digital filter design (Kalman filter, etc.), robot 
kinematics and dynamics. The successful candidate has good programming 
experience in MATLAB and C++. Knowledge on mechatronics hardware is a plus.

Contact: zhibin.li[at]iit.it, jorn.malzahn[at]iit.it, 
xin.wang[at]iit.it, nikos.tsagarakis[at]iit.it

To apply, please follow instructions on: 

Official website of BIO-ENGINEERING AND ROBOTICS in University of 
Genova: officialwebsite here <http://phd.dibris.unige.it/biorob/>.

For more PhD themes about humanoid technologies, please visit: 
Curriculum Advanced and Humanoid Robotics 

The deadline for applications is *_10th of June 2015_*, NOON, Italy time 
(Local time: GMT+2).

_Notice: A research proposal is compulsory for the application. Please 
prepare a proposal on the research topic you apply for._

Best regards,
Zhibin LI, PhD
Senior post-doc researcher
Humanoids & Human Centred Mechatronics
Department of Advanced Robotics
Italian Institute of Technology

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