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PhD Student Positions in Humanoid & Human-centered Mechatronics Lab., Advanced Robotics Department, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT),

Theme 15. Control Principles for Enhanced and Autonomous Humanoid Physical Interaction
Tutors: Dr. Arash Ajoudani, Dr. Jinoh Lee, Prof. Nikos Tsagarakis

Effective and stable execution of a manipulation task in an uncertain environment requires that the task force and position trajectories of the robot are appropriately commanded. One
way to achieve this goal is to understand the versatility and the stability of the human interaction behavior and potentially integrate similar concepts into the robot control
frameworks for effective planning and realization of the reference trajectories. For instance, utilization of similar concepts such as human motor synergies for coordinated control of
large number of degrees of freedom can potentially result in less control burden and a desired interaction performance. While the exploitation of this concept in kinematic
coordinates has led to the development of several successful robotic designs and control strategies, its extension to dynamic coordinates, such as coordinated regulations of the joint
stiffness or torque in robot hands, arms or legs, remains to be investigated. Therefore, in this program we will introduce novel thinking and techniques to the control of highly
redundant humanoid robots to achieve a stable and versatile physical interaction. Proposed controllers will be experimentally validated in humanoid robots developed in the advanced
robotics department such as WALK-MAN (http://www.walk-man.eu/) and COMAN while executing target manipulation tasks in an autonomous or tele-operated fashion.

Theme 16. Human/Robot Interfaces for Cooperative Whole body Manipulation
Tutors: Dr. Arash Ajoudani, Dr. Jinoh Lee, Prof. Nikos Tsagarakis

A key factor in the realization of intuitive human-robot cooperation is an appropriate consideration of the human intention in the robot control framework. This will result in
transparent interactions between the human and the robot while avoiding the generation of  undesired conflicting movements or interaction forces. Therefore, in this program, we seek
for effective and real-time modelling of the human intention which will be included in the design of the novel robot controller to achieve intuitive and transparent human/robot
cooperation. This program will consider a potential use of bio-signals such as electromyography or electroencephalography as model inputs to extract human motor
control parameters. On the other hand, the design of robust and adaptive robot controllers will be investigated for effective integration of the coworker/assistant follower’s intension.
Target collaborative tasks will be defined and experimentally evaluated using torque controlled humanoid robots such as COMAN developed under the European FP7 project
AMARSI (www.amarsi-project.eu) and WALK-MAN. The work activity of this theme will be in line with the developments of the WALK-MAN (http://www.walk-man.eu/) and CogiMon
(http://cogimon.eu/) EU Projects.

Requirements: We are preferably seeking for highly motivated candidates with a background in control engineering or robotics. This is a multidisciplinary project where the
successful candidates should have strong competencies in software coding (e.g. C++ and MATLAB) and good knowledge of robot kinematics/dynamics and control.

Contacts: nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it<mailto:nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it>; arash.ajoudani at iit.it

Please note that the deadline for applications is 10th of June 2015, NOON, Italy time (Local time: GMT+2).

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