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Abdel-Illah Mouaddib abdel-illah.mouaddib at unicaen.fr
Mon Apr 27 01:25:32 PDT 2015

PhD Openings in Decentralized decision-making in open and heterogenous multi-robot systems
Our Lab Model, Agent and Decision is involved in many projects in robotics, particularly multi-robots systems and human robot interaction. Recent development in our group concern the decentralized decision making in systems with dynamic configurations  (different entity compositions) and  in interaction with human. One of projects aims at addressing fundamental issues related to the design of a robust system of UAV and UGV evolving in formation in an unknown and hostile environments to support a group of persons to move from one location to another. This problem requires a strong model of interaction between UAV (with global view) and UGV (with local view) allowing UAV to communicate global information to UGV to better navigate in a safe channel and interaction between UGV and the group of persons allowing UGV to better guide persons to move and the persons to ask for assistance. 

The program aims at developing interaction and decision models  which allow UAV and UGV to compute policies of  navigating and assisting the group of persons.  The work aims at developing techniques for estimating the behaviour of an external entities from observation, a factored decision model for UAV and UGV  and robustness to communications,  Efficient and scalable algorithms and  Implementation on real UAV and UGV

Required Scientific skills : AI Planning, multi-agent and interaction models, stochastic game, leader-follower models

Required technical skills : Simulation, C/C++ and Java programming, ROS


e-mail: abdel-illah.mouaddib at unicaen.fr

phone : +33 2 31 56 64 32

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