[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Post-doc in Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots at WPI

Dmitry Berenson dberenson at cs.wpi.edu
Wed Apr 29 08:58:10 PDT 2015

Post-doc in Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots at WPI
(Worcester, MA, USA)

Project Description:
The ARC lab at WPI (http://arc.wpi.edu/) is beginning a new project on
motion planning for humanoid robots funded by the U.S. Office of Naval
Research (ONR). This project focuses on developing motion planning
algorithms that allow humanoids to navigate through narrow ship-board
spaces, respond to disturbances, and mitigate the effects of sensor and
actuation uncertainty. The project will bridge navigation and manipulation
planning by developing whole-body motion planning algorithms that exploit
the robot's ability to make contact with its hands while moving its legs.

We are looking for someone to start this summer. The duration of the
position is 1 year minimum, 3 years maximum.

The post-doc will lead the development of motion planning algorithms and
testing on a physical robot platform. Thus previous experience with motion
planning for real-world robots is essential. Applicants should hold, or be
close to obtaining, a PhD in a robotics-related field.

The following experience will be beneficial:
-Familiarity with sampling-based motion planning and trajectory optimization
-Familiarity with motion constraints relevant to humanoid robots (e.g.
balance constraints)
-Familiarity with whole-body control methods for humanoids, especially
Prioritized Task
-Space Control-Experience with common motion planning frameworks (Openrave,
OMPL, MoveIt)
-Experience with ROS tools (RViz, TF, etc.)
-Experience testing on physical robot platforms, especially humanoid robots

How to Apply:To apply, please send (1) your CV and (2) a 1-page statement
of interest describing relevant previous experience to dberenson at cs.wpi.edu
by May 8th.

Dmitry Berenson
Assistant Professor
Robotics Engineering Program
Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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