[robotics-worldwide] [Meetings] CFP Becoming a Robot Guru: Integrating Science, Engineering, and Creativity Workshop at ICRA 2015

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Applications to attend the Becoming a Robot Guru:  
Integrating Science, Engineering, and Creativity Workshop

ICRA 2015 Workshop for Broadening Participation in Computing
            and Building Interest and Knowledge about Robotics    
May 30th, 2015
Seattle, Washington



Application Deadline:       May 15th, 2015, or until room spaces filled
Workshop at ICRA 2015:      May 30th, 2015 


Applications must be submitted via the Google form at

Applications should indicate the student's interest and prior experience with
robotics. Students who are traditionally underrepresented in computing 
are especially encouraged to apply.


It is the goal of this workshop to introduce students to the exciting
research area of robotics and to provide students currently doing
research in robotics with valuable career-building
information. Robotics is a very unique field that requires applied
engineering, basic science, and strong creativity. The integration of
these three areas often proves challenging. Despite this challenge,
robots are becoming ubiquitous tools for many daily tasks including
manufacturing, package delivery, and in home assistance. In order to
prepare the next generation of robotics researchers, this workshop
will address several discipline-specific challenges of robotics and
strategies to overcome these challenges including the integration of
hardware and software and multi-disciplinary integration required.

Undergraduate and graduate students are the primary audience of this
workshop. Underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to
apply. Students should consider bringing posters to display during
the workshop.

Lydia Tapia, Lead Organizer - University of New Mexico
Cindy Bethel - Mississippi State University
Aleksandra Faust - Sandia National Laboratories
Hanna Kurniawati - University of Queensland
Melanie Moses - University of New Mexico
Jory Denny, Student Organizer - Texas A&M University

Please feel free to contact the workshop committee at rmw\AT\cs.unm.edu

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