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Rachid Alami rachid.alami at laas.fr
Tue Aug 18 00:15:09 PDT 2015

                      First Call For Papers


Third International Workshop "Towards a Framework for Joint Action"		
 at the 7thth International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2015 )
                      - October 26th 2015 -
                         Paris (FRANCE)


The International Workshop "Towards a Framework for Joint Action" is a
the third of a series of multidisciplanery workshops. The first
edition took place at RO-MAN 2014 and the second one during HRI 2015.

This workshop series aim to bring together researchers from several
disciplines to discuss the development of frameworks for analysing
and designing human-robot joint action. The workshop provides
the opportunity to researchers interested in joint action, roboticists
but also philosophers and psychologists, to discuss the topic in depth 
and to contribute to the elaboration of a framework for human-robot
joint action. 

**** Submission information ****

We invite submission of short papers (max 4 pages). The review process
will be "on the fly" from now to September 15th. You will have an
answer within two weeks after the submission.

This call is open to anyone interested in joint action. Roboticists,
philosophers, psychologists and researchers from related disciplines
are welcome to participate.

**** Topics ****

- joint goal establishment and negotiation
- planning when the goal is a joint goal
- joint goal / joint action description and modeling
- joint goal / joint action execution, monitoring, turn-taking and timing management
- skills for collaborative task achievement
- agents world modeling and management (incl. theory of mind and shared knowledge)
- agents commitment
- what kind of communication during joint goal achievement and for what purpose

******   Important Dates   *******

- Submission deadline: from now till September 15th, 2015
- Workshop: October 26th, 2015

***** Workshop Website ******

**** Organizers ****

Kerstin FISCHER - University of Southern Denmark
Virginia DIGNUM - Delft University
Franck DIGNUM - Utrecht University
Elisabeth PACHERIE - Institut Jean Nicod CNRS
Cordula VESPER - Central European University

**** Questions ****
fja at sciencesconf.org


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