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Riano Lorenzo (CR/RTC1.1-NA) Lorenzo.Riano at us.bosch.com
Wed Aug 19 15:11:20 PDT 2015

The personal robotics research team at Bosch, Palo Alto is looking for an outstanding candidate with expertise in mobile robotics, navigation, planning, manipulation or control. The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D in robotics or related field, and previous working experience developing large scale software solutions for mobile robotics.
To apply please visit the website https://your.bosch-career.com/en/web/us/us/applying_us/jobsearch_9/-/cui/job/ZRB_UNREG_SEARCH/EN/5543AFAF21C817D0E10080000A032126

Duties and Tasks:
Perform research, develop, implement and evaluate algorithms for collaborative robotics. The developed algorithms will enable humans and robots to safely share and work in the same environment. The proposed solutions must be adaptable to a variety of platforms, sensors and environments. The candidate will work in an interdisciplinary team on an exciting project with a potentially large impact worldwide.

Skills/Job Requirements:
*       Excellent knowledge and proven expertise in developing solution for mobile robots.
*       Excellent knowledge in one or more of the following fields: navigation, motion planning, manipulation or grasping.
*       Working knowledge of optimal control methods and optimization methods.
*       Excellent C++ programming expertise required, and proven expertise working with large code bases.
*       Excellent knowledge of ROS is required.
*       Working experience with at least one mobile robotic platform is required, more than one is a plus.
*       Python and Java knowledge is a plus.
*       Proven system integration and software architecture skills.
*       Knowledge of Linux, and development on Linux systems preferred.
*       The ability to develop, understand and implement complex algorithms efficiently and correctly.
*       Experience with modern software engineering tools.
*       Experience working independently in a large software setting.
*       Excellent communication skills and demonstrate a proven ability to multitask and deliver on challenging software development tasks.

Required Application Materials:

1. Cover letter
2. Resume/CV
3. Two references and/or two letters of recommendation
4. A statement of past experiences and how they apply to the position posted

All items are mandatory. Your application will not be complete and won't be processed unless you submit all five items.

Availability: ASAP

Location: Palo Alto, CA, USA

More information at https://your.bosch-career.com/en/web/us/us/applying_us/jobsearch_9/-/cui/job/ZRB_UNREG_SEARCH/EN/5543AFAF21C817D0E10080000A032126

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Lorenzo Riano

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