[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Robotics Engineer Position at DAQRI, Los Angeles, CA

Arash Kalantari arash.kalantari at daqri.com
Sat Aug 22 00:03:00 PDT 2015

Are you a kick ass robotics engineer/designer/scientist? Do you dream about
a future with robots and augmented reality? Did you build your first robot
out of crib parts when you were 1 year old***?

If you had a billion dollars would you immediately spend it all building an
armored exoskeleton? As long as you have dreamed this big and are willing
to dream bigger, you may be a good fit.

This job will be ridiculously hard. We need a robotics engineer that has
the potential to be among the best in the world to join our team of
computer vision software and hardware scientists to bridge the gap between
robotics and Augmented Reality.

Seriously, if you want an easy job this is not the job you're looking for,
move along ... move along.

You would have to work with a lot of specialists across disciplines, the
hours are long and the risks are high. There is always a chance of failure,
but if we are successful and achieve our goal, we will change the world in
a way that you can barely imagine.

What if people could learn anything, wherever they are? What if there was a
device that could help anyone to become an expert at anything? That is the
world we want to live in, and that is what we are making.

Now add robots. Big robots, little robots, the really, really small ones
too, in swarms, lots of those! We want people to become experts at
anything, and we want robots to help them do it****!

You must be passionate about robotics, human machine interfaces, and
empowering people with knowledge. The Robotics Engineer will be a part of a
team that works directly with our CEO to help us enable a world where
robots that are ready to fly, drive, and walk without the leash of a remote
control can interact with people who have been empowered with the most
amazing human machine interface technologies we have ever imagined.

We expect you to be really, really good at what you do.

We expect that you do all things robot including hardware, software,
control, navigation, etc.*****

We expect you to be a nice person, we don't really get along with people
who aren't nice, its pretty much our thing. If that is inconvenient for
you, we're sorry ... but it's just not going to work out.

Professional or academic experience with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is a
must. Grueling hours negotiable, changing history guaranteed.

*Minimum Requirements*:

Degree in Robotics, Computer Science, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering

Research experience that includes flying robots, academic or otherwise.

Experience with robotic navigation covering multiple methods of locomotion.

Experience with Exoskeleton design and control systems is highly desired
for an active project*******.

*** Of course that's not possible ... unless it is, then call us right away!

**** If you already see how important those things are together, we are
going to get along just fine.

***** See the list in the 5th paragraph above referencing large, small, and
really, really small robot types for more details (or 6th paragraph ... if
you want to count the dangling sentence in the middle as a paragraph).

****** Alternately a portfolio of work that includes a fully functional
robot made of crib parts that has been in service for a number of years
that is approximately equal to your age - 1 year.

******* The best part about this job is that this part is real. If that
excites you as much as it excites us (it excites us a lot), we should talk.

*About DAQRI*

DAQRI <http://www.daqri.com/> is the leading augmented reality/4D company
focused on transforming the Future of Work.   It delivers the most
innovative hardware and software that is bridging the gap between potential
and experience.  DAQRI works with the world’s largest and most respected
companies to enhance human abilities by seamlessly connecting people to
their environments and providing relevant information instantaneously. The
DAQRI SmartHelmet and 4D Studio authoring platform deliver cutting-edge
enterprise solutions in industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace,
and more.  DAQRI is headquartered in Los Angeles with an R&D facility in
Sunnyvale, CA and a development center in Dublin, Ireland. All applicants
will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color,
religion, sex, or national origin.

*How to Apply?*

Please apply through this link
*http://goo.gl/gd87eK <http://goo.gl/gd87eK>*

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