[robotics-worldwide] [journals] IJRR September 2015 Issue; Vol. 34, No. 10

John Hollerbach jmh at cs.utah.edu
Tue Aug 25 08:53:39 PDT 2015

The International Journal of Robotics Research
September 2015; Vol. 34, No. 10

Finding and identifying simple objects underwater with active electrosense
Yang Bai, James B. Snyder, Michael Peshkin, and Malcolm A. MacIver

Probabilistically valid stochastic extensions of deterministic models 
for systems with uncertainty
Konstantinos Karydis, Ioannis Poulakakis, Jianxin Sun, and Herbert G. Tanner

Learning preferences for manipulation tasks from online coactive feedback
Ashesh Jain, Shikhar Sharma, Thorsten Joachims, and Ashutosh Saxena

Statistical mutual conversion between whole body motion primitives and 
linguistic sentences for human motions
Wataru Takano and Yoshihiko Nakamura

Temporal logic motion control using actor–critic methods
Jing Wang, Xuchu Ding, Morteza Lahijanian, Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis, and 
Calin A. Belta

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