[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] IROS 15 Second Annual Workshop on Machine Learning in Planning and Control of Robot Motion

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Please join us for:

Second Annual Machine Learning in Planning and Control of Robot Motion
Workshop at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots
and Systems (IROS) 2015

Friday, 02-Oct-2015
Hamburg, Germany


Modern robots are expected to perform complex tasks in changing
environments. Nonlinear dynamic, model uncertainty, and
high-dimensional configuration spaces make planning and executing the
motions required for these tasks is difficult. Recent success has been
made through the integration of planning and control methods with
tools from machine learning.  For example, clustering, reinforcement
learning, and intelligent heuristics have adaptively solved planning
problems in complex spaces, have automatically identified appropriate
trajectories for robots with complex dynamics, and have reduced the
amount of time required for planning motions.

After the success of the First Workshop in Machine Learning in the
Planning and Control of Robot Motion at IROS 2014 in Chicago, it is
the goal of this workshop to continue to explore methods and
advancements afforded by the integration of machine learning for the
planning and control of robot motion. Because these methods are often
heuristic, issues such as safety and performance are critical. Also,
learning-based questions such as problem learnability, knowledge
transfer among robots, knowledge generalization, long-term autonomy,
task formulation, demonstration, role of simulation, and methods for
feature selection define problem solvability. The objectives of this
workshop are to:
- Develop a community of researchers working on machine learning
methods in complementary fields of motion planning and controls
- Discuss current state of the art and future directions of
intelligent motion planning and controls
- Provide for collaboration opportunities


The workshop aims to spark vibrant discussion with talks from invited
speakers, presentations from authors of accepted papers, and a poster

LIST OF TOPICS (included, but not limited to):

- Task representation and classification
- Planning for complex and high dimensional environments
- Smart sampling techniques for motion planning
- Learning feature selection
- Methods for incorporating learning into planning
- Reinforcement learning for robotics and dynamical systems
- Transfer of learning and motion plans, knowledge and experience
sharing among the agents
- Policy selection: exploration versus exploitation, methods for safe
- Methods for creating motion plans that meet dynamical constraints
- Task planning and learning under uncertainty and disturbance
- Motion planning for system stability
- Adaptable heuristics for efficient motion plans
- Motion generalization - methods that learn subset of motion and
produce plans with higher range of motions
- Motion planning for multi-agent systems and fleets


- Motion planners with interests in learning and planning for changing
agents, environment, or both
- Reinforcement learning and machine learning communities that develop
novel learning methods for autonomous agents
- Multi-agent researchers
- Controls community focused on controlling physical systems
- Robotics community



- Lucian Busoniu, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
- Danica Kragic, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH
- Mario Leonetti, University of Texas, Austin
- Jan Peters, Technischen Universität Darmstadt


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Please feel free to contact the workshop committee at mlpc15\AT\cs.unm.edu


Aleksandra Faust, Lead Organizer, Google[x], sandrafaust\AT\google.com
Maria Gini, University of Minnesota, gini\AT\cs.umn.edu
Petar Kormushev, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), petar\AT\kormushev.com
Marco Morales, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico,
Ivana Palunko, University of Dubrovnik, ivana.palunko\AT\unidu.hr
Angela P. Schoellig, University of Toronto, schoellig\AT\utias.utoronto.ca
Lydia Tapia, University of New Mexico, tapia\AT\cs.unm.edu

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