[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Seeking linux / arm hacker

Edwin Jarvis jarvis.courier at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 19:51:24 PDT 2015

Small, first-rate, well-funded team seeks linux / arm hacker in adapting
the perception systems of the self-driving car to building the eyes of the
smarthome. Extensive knowledge of C or C++ and at least one of the Unix
shells required. Experience with SIMD instruction sets, board bringup,
hardware video encoding, and DSP or GPU programming helpful but not

Expect highly talented and interesting coworkers, including the co-founder
of Google Street View and perception lead from Stanford's self-driving car.
Competitive cash & meaningful company ownership included in compensation.
Perks include the usual food and high quality health insurance, plus
significantly too much responsibility which will translate to rapid
personal growth.

Must be willing to move to the Bay Area; we'll cover moving costs.

Send resume or LinkedIn profile to Edwin Jarvis <jarvis.courier at gmail.com>.
Please include one paragraph describing the coolest thing you have built.

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