[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Humanoids 2015 Workshop on "Whole-Body Multi-Task Multi-Contact Humanoid Control"

Seyed Mohammad Khansari Zadeh khansari at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 28 09:22:46 PDT 2015

***Call for Contribution***

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the full-day workshop "Whole-Body Multi-Task Multi-Contact Humanoid Control" at Humanoids 2015, which aims to bring together a diverse community of researchers in the fields of control, humanoid robotics, and human modeling. A particular focus of the workshop is to highlight whole-body frameworks that enable multi-contact manipulation tasks in unstructured environments and in collaboration with humans.

Recent developments in humanoid whole-body control, efficient dynamics algorithms, and human modeling, have set the stage for robots to achieve human-like whole-body control and manipulation. Achieving this will require progress in understanding human manipulation strategies while making multiple contacts with a dynamic environment, and mapping those to humanoid robots using efficient algorithms. Any associated control framework must guarantee stability, controllability, local progress towards the goal, and the ability to integrate with trajectory generation and planning routines.

We invite you to participate in the workshop by contributing abstracts and/or demonstrations.

Workshop Details:
Full-day Workshop on Whole-Body Multi-Task Multi-Contact Humanoid Control
Humanoids 2015
Nov 3, 2015
URL: http://cs.stanford.edu/groups/manips/humanoid2015/

Scope: Whole-body control, multi-task control, multi-contact control, humanoid robotics, human modeling

Submission Details :
Prospective participants are invited to submit a 2-4 page extended abstract and express whether they would be interested in presenting a demo during the interactive session. Accepted abstracts will be made available on the workshop website, and authors will be invited to present during the interacting poster session. Selected submissions may be invited to give a talk. Contributed papers may be submitted by email to the organizers by the deadline reported below.

Submission deadline : September 30th
Acceptance by : October 5th

Invited speakers:
Oussama Khatib, Stanford University, USA
Christian Ott, DLR German Aerospace Center, Germany
Vincent Padois, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Jaehung Park, Seoul National University, Korea
Luis Sentis, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Russ Tedrake, MIT, USA

Workshop Format:
The first half of this workshop is devoted to presenting and disseminating recent advances in the operational space control framework, which provides a unifying formalism to perform whole-body multi-task multi-contact robot control. There will be a specific focus on theoretical and algorithmic developments and their application to controlling humanoid robots and human models. The talks will be followed by live simulation demonstrations on humanoid robots such as HRP-4c, ASIMO, and highly redundant human musculoskeletal models.

The operational space control talks will be followed by an interactive session right after the simulation demos, where authors of contributed papers and extended abstracts will present their work on whole-body humanoid control. The second half of the workshop includes several invited talks from experts in the field of whole-body humanoid control to present their latest theoretical achievements in this rapidly growing field. The workshop will conclude with a round-table discussion between the audience and the panel members (composed of both invited speakers and the organizers). During the panel session the following topics will be discussed (just to mention a few):
- Comparison between different whole-body frameworks
- The importance and challenges in performing multi-contact control
- Various approaches in task prioritization
- Effect of dynamic decoupling on the task execution
- Tools and methods that can be transferred from humanoid control to human motion understanding and vice-versa
- Lessons learned from the DARPA Robotics Challenge on humanoid whole-body control

Mohammad Khansari, Stanford University, USA
Samir Menon, Stanford University, USA
Shuyun Chung, Stanford University, USA
Oussama Khatib, Stanford University, USA

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