[robotics-worldwide] [journals] IJRR December 2015 Issue; Vol. 34, No. 14

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The International Journal of Robotics Research
December 2015; Vol. 34, No. 14

ViDRILO: The Visual and Depth Robot Indoor Localization with Objects 
information dataset
Jesus Martínez-Gómez, Ismael García-Varea, Miguel Cazorla, and Vicente 

Continuous-time batch trajectory estimation using temporal basis functions
Paul Furgale, Chi Hay Tong, Timothy D. Barfoot, and Gabe Sibley

Improved human–robot team performance through cross-training, an 
approach inspired by human team training practices
Stefanos Nikolaidis, Przemyslaw Lasota, Ramya Ramakrishnan, and Julie Shah

Dimensional synthesis of three-fingered robot hands for maximal 
precision manipulation workspace
Júlia Borràs and Aaron M. Dollar

An index finger exoskeleton with series elastic actuation for 
rehabilitation: Design, control and performance characterization
Priyanshu Agarwal, Jonas Fox, Youngmok Yun, Marcia K. O’Malley, and 
Ashish D. Deshpande

Cutaneous haptic feedback to ensure the stability of robotic 
teleoperation systems
C. Pacchierotti, L. Meli, F. Chinello, M. Malvezzi, and D. Prattichizzo

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Call for papers on Special Issue: Robot Vision

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