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Postdoc position in decentralised cognitive processing, with application to distributed systems and swarm robotics systems in particular.
(see also http://laral.istc.cnr.it/trianni/index.php/2015/12/04/post-doc-position-in-decentralised-cognitive-processing)

A fully-funded postdoctoral fellow position is available in the area of decentralised cognitive processing for autonomous multi-agent systems (e.g., swarm robotics system).
The position is open within the DICE project (Distributed Cognition Engineering, http://laral.istc.cnr.it/dice-project), with starting date as early as March 2016 (flexible).

The applicant will study cognitive processing in distributed systems resulting from the interaction among the autonomous agents constituting the system. From a theoretical point of view, the research project requires the identification and characterisation of the population-level dynamics that describe the system behaviour. From a practical point of view, the project requires the design of implementation strategies for multi-agent systems (e.g., swarm robotics systems) in order to precisely reproduce the desired macroscopic dynamics. The candidate will focus on problems involving collective decision-making and categorization. Analytical, modelling and programming skills are required, as the research will involve both theoretical investigations and experimental studies with swarms of robots (Kilobots).

The deadline for submitting applications is January the 20th, 2016. The notice of selection and the procedure to be followed for submitting applications is available at the following address:

Instructions in English can be found here:

For any informal enquiry about the eligibility conditions, as well as for more details about the position, please contact Vito Trianni <vito.trianni at istc.cnr.it>.

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