[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Open Ph. D. position in mechatronics and collaborative robotics

Jean-Christophe FAUROUX jean-christophe.fauroux at ifma.fr
Mon Dec 14 10:08:04 PST 2015

Dear Colleagues

This message to inform you of the following Ph. D. open position in mechatronics and collaborative robotics at the French Institute for Advanced Mechanics (IFMA), Clermont-Ferrand, France, within the European H2020 project Bots2Rec.


Jean-Christophe FAUROUX   Associate Professor
Machines, Mechanisms & Robotic Systems
Institut Pascal UMR 6602 UBP/CNRS/IFMA
IFMA - French Institute for Advanced Mechanics
Campus de Clermont-Ferrand / Les Cezeaux
CS 20265, 63175 AUBIERE Cedex, FRANCE
Tel :   Fax :
Mail: fauroux at ifma.fr  Web : http://www.ifma.fr

*Ph. D. subject: Modelling and control of a collaborative mechatronic 
system for robotized asbestos removal.*


Many houses and industrial buildings are not safe anymore due to the 
presence of asbestos. Nowadays, the asbestos removal tasks in buildings 
are performed in isolated areas with negative pressure so that asbestos 
leaks are avoided. The human operators have to wear a hermetical suit 
and their work is legally limited to periods of two hours. The work is 
uncomfortable, exhausting and dangerous. The European Project H2020 
Bots2Rec has the ambition to develop collaborative mobile manipulators 
that relieve human operators from these dangerous and tough operations.

The consortium of the project includes an important group in civil 
engineering, four European SMEs and two research labs.

*Scientific objectives*


    Development of a multi-robot simulation environment for co-manipulation;


    Modelling and simulation of a stable mobile manipulator in indoor
    environment with constraints;


    Modelling and design of a stabilization device for the mobile


    Planning and multi-robot control.

*Candidate p**rofil**e*

In order to complete this project, we are looking for a candidate with 
the following skills:


    Mechatronic modelling and design;


    Planning and control;


    Mobile and/or manipulation robotics;


    Collaborative robotics: robot-robot and man-robot;


    CAD modelling (Catia, Solidworks...) and multibody simulation
    (Adams, Gazebo...);


    Computer programming in C/C++, with knowledge of ROS;


    Experimentation in industrial conditions.

The candidate will have to be creative, organized and rigorous for 
succeeding in its missions in a limited time within a project of applied 
research. The advanced knowledge of spoken and written English will be 
compulsory for nicely integrating into the French team of this 
international project regrouping industrial and academic partners

*Candidature instructions*

For proper application to this Ph. D. work, the following documents are 


    A detailed CV in English ;


    An English letter in which you will present in two pages your
    motivation for this project and will detail your previous
    experiences in relation with the project;


    Transcripts of your previous degrees and detailed marks (Master
    and/or Engineering school);


    Optional publications;


    A recommendation letter from the master's degree manager;


    At least the coordinates of three persons who could serve as references.

The candidates should send their candidatures via email at the three 
following addresses :

Jean-Christophe.Fauroux at ifma.fr <mailto:Jean-Christophe.Fauroux at ifma.fr>

Belhassen-Chedli.Bouzgarrou at ifma.fr 
<mailto:Belhassen-Chedli.Bouzgarrou at ifma.fr>

Lounis.ADOUANE at univ-bpclermont.fr <mailto:Lounis.ADOUANE at univ-bpclermont.fr>

Only the candidates with the best files will be invited to an on-site or 
remote audition.

*Application deadline:* 15^th January 2016

*Beginning of the Ph.D.*: February-March 2016

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