[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Well-funded automation startup: seeking system software engineer, computer vision engineer

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky anna at dfxmachina.com
Mon Dec 14 13:57:08 PST 2015

We are dfxMachina <http://www.dfxmachina.com/>, a funded stealth-mode automation / data analytics startup with ex-Apple founders.  As an early employee, you will join our dynamic team working on advanced manufacturing systems that will disrupt the way consumer electronics, medical devices, and other everyday products are made — with the long-term vision to become the operating system of the factories of the future.  We start in consumer electronics manufacturing by combining simple hardware, interesting vision problems, and data analytics to help hardware design companies significantly reduce time and cost to market.  We are leveling the playing field for Davids fighting Goliaths in the hardware development space — come join us!

Jobs are located in Palo Alto, CA — ideal start date is Feb 15, 2016 or before.  Applicants must be authorized to work in the US.  H1B transfer or OPT sponsorship is okay.

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky
CEO, Founder  |  dfxMachina
communications at dfxmachina.com

System Software Engineer
- tackle low-level software challenges while also making brand-defining decisions associated with design, UI, and UX
- design a production software stack that will run our sensor-rich hardware, collecting and processing data and uploading it to the cloud in real-time — inter-operability will be one of the challenges
- rapid prototyping with cameras and other sensors, including data quality comparison experiments in a lab-setting
- design for intermittent internet connectivity and security of our data — collaborate with a database software engineer to toss local system data up to the cloud
- develop a scalable in-factory setup and calibration process with a great user experience

- native level fluency in C/C++, especially in a Linux environment
- diagnostic and debugging magician
- gets stuff done, has entrepreneurial spirit, can be scrappy
- finds challenges invigorating and knows how to become an expert in something new in a few days
- good at explaining, good at thinking out loud, difficult to frustrate, and fun to work with

- 2-5 years in a professional software role using 3rd party SDKs/drivers/libraries to talk to a device
- proven track-record of “ground-up”, scaleable, reliable software implementation
- experience with a micro-controller family and standard peripheral interfaces like I2C and SPI
- strong educational background in computer science or robotics with an emphasis on software
- camera, metrology, statistics, and robotics experience is a plus

Computer Vision Software Engineer
- implement standard OpenCV algorithms in clever ways to extract measurements from photographs
- evolve simple algorithms to work in a general use case, perhaps by exploiting machine learning opportunities
- provide feedback on camera or other non-contact sensor selection based on vision algorithm requirements
- prototype and iterate on new algorithmic concepts quickly
- create development environment tools and QA processes to measure and ensure algorithmic results are accurate

- solid fundamentals in computer vision methods and concepts
- native level fluency with OpenCV libraries
- practical knowledge of machine learning, pattern recognition, Bayesian filtering, information theory, and 3D geometry
- gets stuff done, has entrepreneurial spirit, can be scrappy
- diagnostic and debugging magician — finds challenges invigorating
- good at explaining, good at thinking out loud, difficult to frustrate, and fun to work with

- 2-5 years in a practical computer vision developer role (beyond Matlab), preferably working with OpenCV or its python bindings
- strong educational background in computer science with a focus on computer vision
- peripheral experience with mechatronics, cameras, machine learning, and/or big data is a plus

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